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Well I only have the first 3 episodes.........Then the unifinshed fourth one is where someone can it

Anime Project TX1
Dark Temple Saga
Episode 1-The Birth of New evil and the Birth of a New power
By:AquaticMist (Mysterious Mist)

A girl with long silver hair woke up and looked at her red clock.She saw the time and noticed she was going to be late.She hurried up and got dressed and grabed her book bag."Sasami!Breakfast is ready!" her mother shouted.She ran down stairs to the table and quickly ate her breakfast.She grabbed a helmet and hopped on to a motorcycle that her father was already in.Then he drove through the streets and finally made it to the school at a record time.Sasami went to class 4-2 and sat next to her best friend Misao.There clutzy teacher Mihoshi walked threw the door and tripped over her own feet.She quickly got up and started to speak.

"Good Morning Class!"Mihoshi shouted.

"Good Morning Mihoshi-sensei." The class replied.

In another home.....

A girl with light brown hair began to wake up.She rubbed her eyes and started to get ready for school.Next she went downstairs and sat across from her older brother Toryu.Strangly today it he quiet.She ate her breakfeast and headed off to school.

In another home......again.....

A girl with long blond hair tied in two odangos.She was still sleeping in her pajamas.Her mother stepped in her room."SERENA! WAKE UP!" She angrily shouted.

Serena woke up and looked at the clock."Serena! Hurry up and get dressed your going to be late again!" Her mother said.Serena quickly got dressed and went down stairs for a quick breakfast.She grabbed to pieces of toast and ran towards her school.Along the way she bumped into a guy on the sidewalk.Serena was rubbing her head from the fall.

"errr..Sorry.." She said. The guy got up and picked up his bag."You should wacth where your going Meatball head!"He said."Darien, you jerk!" Serena shouted.Serena then got up and continued to run to school.She had finally made it there but the bell already rung.

In the Relam of the Dark Kingdom.....
Queen Beryal was siting on her throne and summoned all of her generals to pick one that would be in control of the energy draining operations.Just then 5 girls appeared before Beryal.

"State your names." Queen Beryal demanded.

The first one evily grined."Nami of the Wave." The second one said.

The next one stepped up."Ishi of the Stone." The third one stated.

The fourth one stepped up."Shoko of the spirits." she said.

Then the last one stepped up."Sorano of the Sky." The last one said.

Then the one that apeared to be the leader stepped up."Mika of The New Moon.The one who will destroy you." She said.

Beryal saw that the youma that usally surrounds her throne were defeated.Mika telported Beryal and herself to a seprate place while the other four did the same for each of the genarls.

Nami vs. Zoycite

Nami had teleported them to a Tropical Island and the were on a sandy beach.Zoycite took out a purple cyrstal and a strange type of wave started to emit from it.The suddenly the cyrstal shattered.Nami laughed."Too bad you did't know about my mental ablities.Zoycite tried throwing energy blast at Nami but she countered using her abilities and reflected the attacks back at Zoycite.She tried to escape but it was too late.Soon she was covered by light and destroyed.

Shoko vs. Jadite

Shoko had telported them to a strange place where sipirts were coming out of the ground.Jadite launched magical fireballs at Shoko that did't even reach her.Shoko pistioned her hands in a stange type of way."Soul beam!"She shouted.A large ball of blue flames shot from her hand but was't aimed at Jadite.Jadite snickered."You can't even aim right and you expect to beat me?"Jadite shouted.Creatures started to come out from the ground."Meet my ZOMM1 ninja's!" Shoko shouted. "ZOMM1?" Jadite asked. Shoko smiled."Glad you asked.It means Zomebie Mark 1." She repiled. The zombies started to absorb Jadites's energy.Jadite used her magical fireballs to destroy them.It seem to have worked but they reformed and continued draining him of his energy.After they were done draining him, the started to eat his flesh."Eat up!My zombie friends."Shoko said.

Ishi vs. Nephrite

Ishi telported herself and Nephrite to a open field where there was only some small grass and weeds.Ishi took no time to start to fight.She rasied her left arm and brought up stones to box in Nephrite.Nephrite tried blasting his way through it but his attempt failed.The stone walls of the box he was in began to draw closer to each other.Nephrite jumped ona small legde where to the walls where closing at and pushed himself out of the box.Ishi got into her fighting stance.Ishi's hands turned to stone and e fingers became claws.She thrusted the claws at Nephrite but he leapted out of the way.Then more claws started to come from the ground.Nephrite kept destroying them but for each one he destroyed 2 took its place.One of the claws clenched on to his leg and blood squirted out from it.It pulled Nephrite down towards Ishi.Ishi punched a hole right thorught Nephrite.He then started to fade away into the wind.

Sorano vs. Kuzuntie

Sorano telported tthem to a strange place in the sky.They could strangly walk on the clouds.Kuzuntie shot beam of energy at Sorano but she easily dogded them all.Her eyes turned white and empty like.A flashing light started to come from her eyes and Kuzunite was being blinded by the light.He then used his cape to shield himself from it.Sorano them put her hands together and started to build up energy."Sky Cannon!" She shouted as a beam of white enregy shot from her hands.Kuzunite was overcome by the attack and died.Sorano made a mishceivous simle wacthing Kuzuntie fade away.

Mika vs. Queen Beryal

Mika telported them to the Anartic.She was on a plattform of ice and Beryal was the same except hers was higher.Queen Beryal immeditly started to build up her dark energy.Mika start to build up a strange type of energy that seem to tear a whole in space.Queen Beryal aimed all of her dark energy at Mika while Mika did the same.Then they both launched there attacks and it was easy to see that Mika was stronger than Beryal.Mika smiled.She then added more power to her attack and destroyed Beryal.

Back in the relam of the Dark Kingdom....
The group had telported back at Queen Beryal's throne were it used to be surroned by shadows.Shoko formed a cyrstal ball from out of nowhere and they all started look in it.

"Well,Well here's the person where looking for!" Shoko exictedly said.

"Wait but first we must get rid of the ones he will strenghten.He might just get to them before we get to him.." Nami stated.

"Leave destroying them up to me!" Ishi shouted exictedly.

"No we need you.Just forget about the others he's our main target." Mika said.

"Yep then we can freely go about draining stupid humans of there energy...yay..."Sorano grimly said.

"But still I'm concern about that threat..." Nami said.

"Okay a list then then we'll see if it's a threat!" Shoko said.

"Sailor Senshi."Shoko said.

"If he get's to them." Nami said.

"Pretty Sammy." Shoko said.

"If he gets to them." Nami said.

"Spirit Detectives." Shoko said.

"If he get's to them." Nami said.

"Sakura." Shoko said.

"Look already before you list everyone of our smaller and weaker eneimes its simple if he gets to any of will mess up our plans them we'll have a challange on our hands." Nami said.

"I like a challange!" Ishi said confidently.

"Its hopless..." Nami muttered.

"I've spotted my first place to strike....." Sorano whispered to herself.

"Look! that girl that's suppose to be Pretty Sammy is getting her Baton!" Shoko said.

At the Kawaii residence.......

Tusunami was went thourgh the window waving to Sasami."Wait no!I don't want to become a Magical girl!" Sasami shouted as she banged on the door.

"Sasami-chan.." Ryo-oki said as The pink Baton with a heart shaped object at the top was sitttng infront of him.

"Sasami-chan!" Her mother shouted. Sasami went to the counter and ryo-oki followed.

"What was the Talent agency looking for?" her mother asked.

"Uhhhh they were asking about a part in a play..." Sasami said.

Her mother handed her a CD."Here take this to this address." She said as she gave Sasami the CD with the adress on the back.

By Jubban Middle School....

The bell had just rung and Serena started to head towords OSA-P.One the way she saw some little kids beating up a poor defensless black cat.A soon as Serena went over to help the cat the kids ran.

"Brats..." Serena muttered. She untied the bags of sand from its feet and took the bandaid off of its head.When she took it off it reveled the cat's cresent moon.Serena tookthe cat with her to OSA-P.

At the Avalon residence........
Sakura had tripped and dropped her mother's keepsake in the basment.Sakura gasped and took off her skates and headed downstairs.She turned on the old light and started to look around for it.Then she started to her strange sounds coming from somewhere in the basment.

"Is anyone" Sakura said.She looked around and saw that the source of the sound was coming from the a strange book.She took it out and opened it up.She saw that it was filled with Cards.She took the top one up and turned it over.

"......Windy....." She said.Wind started to swirl around her and the cards began to come out the book and scatter about the neighborhood.Then she a small yellow creature was beside her.Sakura screamed and raced up the stairs.She put on her skates and headed towards Twin bell.

Sorano summon a bird like monster and then vanished.The monster started to howl and absorb pepole's energy.Then a strange girl dressed in adult like clothing appeared.She looked around but saw that everyone was out cold.She then saw the Monster that was draining pepole of there energy.

"Calling mystics!" Pixy Misa shouted as her baton relased a bright beam of energy at the monster.The monster became engulfed in a ball of light.Two clow cards came threw the ceiling and into the ball of light.

"Now Sky girl go finish off the rest of the pepole until Sammy appears." Pixy Misa commanded.The monster shot energy blast in all directions some that went out of OSA-P.Meanwhile Sakura was just about to Twin bells when it hit by the beam of energy tha made it levitate.Sakura gasped and stepped back.

"Maybe I should go to tht store across the street...." Sakura said. Sasami who was delvering the package finally arrived at her destination OSA-P.She was just about to go in when beam of energy hissed by her and saw a near by tree get disengrated.Sky girl then saw Sasami and started to chase after her while Pixy Misa was standing there boasting about how good she was.

"Sky Girl?" Misa said as she looked around to see where she was while stepping over the bodies that seem to be lifeless.

"Sasami-chan this is a good time for Pretty Sammy!" Ryo-oki said while running away from Sky girl.Sasami sighed.Ryo-oki gave her her baton.

"To transform say Pretty Mutation Magical Recall!" Ryo-oki said.

Sasami nodded and took her baton. "Pretty Mutation Magical Recall!" Sasami shouted.She went thourgh her transformation and became "Mahou Shojo Pretty Sammy!" Sammy shouted while doing a pose.

Sky girl started to shot beams of energy at Sasami again."Ryo-oki what are some of my powers!" Sammy said while dogding Sky girl's attacks.

"Your most Lethal attack is your Pretty Coquettish Bomber but I'm not sure if you can use it yet." Ryo-oki replied.

"Its worth a try." Sammy said as she turned around.

"Pretty Coquettish Bomber!" Sammy shouted.Sky girl smacked the attack away and became bring cloud pillars from the sky and trapped Sammy.

Meanwhile Serena and luna were wacthing from around the corner."You want to help that girl." Luna asked.

"YOU CAN TALK!!!!!" Serena shouted. Sky girl directed her attetion towards them.

"Yes.But there's no time to explain anything now here take this and say Moon Prisim Power Make Up!" Luna said as she moved a brooch towards Serena.

"Moon Prism Power Make up!" Serena shouted as she went thourgh a Magical transformation and became Sailor Moon. She looked at Sailor fuku and the tiara she had on her head.The monster was heading straight for her.

"You can use your tirara as a use it say Moon tiara magic!" Luna said.She off here tiara and prepared to to use her attack.

Then the monster finally came close enough so she could get an good chance at hitting it."Moon Tiara Magic!" Sailor Moon shouted as she tossed her tiara.The monster caught it and tore her tiara in half as if it were a piece of paper.The monster then rammed her into the wall and knocked Luna aside.

Meanwhile Sakura was behind a try wacthing this."Your the one who woked me up.Were are the clow cards?" a flying yellow plush toy said. Sakura turned around and saw the plush toy talk to her.(Well this day could't get any this is no suprise...) she thought to her self.She then took out the card she had earlier "Windy".

"Were are the rest of the cards?" Kero asked.

"They were scattered all over the place..." Sakura said.

"WHAT!?" Kero shouted.

Sky girl directed her attention at Sakura and the plush toy hiding behind a tree.

"So do I get a special transformation too?" Sakura asked.

Kero gave here this small beak like object.

"Here but only you must find the words to use it." Kero said.

Sky girl threw blades of wind to turn the tree into hundreds of splinters.

"I feel it..." Sakura said to herself.

"Sakura.....I think we have to go now..." Kero said as he directed her towards Sky girl.

The magic of the staff dissapered and it became a normal pink wooden stick.

"One of my specialties." Sky girl said while winking at them.

Suddenly a strange looking boy came strolling down the street.He sneaked up behind Sky girl and effortlessly knocked it to the side.Then the boy transported the girls into a strange type of space.He first went to Serena as a strange melody was playing.He took her brooch from her and the a strange light formed around it.Serena then woke up.

"What did you do to my brooch?!" Serena said.

"I upgraded it.Now say Moon Prism Matrix Make up!" The boy said.

"Who are you?" Luna said.

"Can't tell you Luna." He repiled.

(How did he know my name!!!) Luna thought to herself.

He went over to Sasami and did a similar thing to Sasami's Baton.

"You have 2 choices...1.Say Pretty Mutation Magical Recall,2. Say Pretty Angel Recall." He said.

He then went over to Sakura and upgraded her staff.

"Forces of the Darkness,Forces of Light combine and reval the staff of Clow!That's what you say." he said and vanished.

The girls were transportated back to OSA-P.They each nodded and took out there transformation items.

"Moon Prism Matrix Make up!" Serena shouted as she held up her brooch.

"Pretty Angel Recall!" Sasami shouted as she thrusted her baton into the air.

"Forces of the Darkness,Forces of Light combine and reval the staff of Clow!" Sakura shouted as the pin she had became a long pink staff.

"I see you got some new tricks." Sky girl said as she tossed wind blades at the trio.

They all went in seperate drection dogding the wind blades.

"Pretty Angel Flash!" Angel Sammy shouted as he Baton flashed a bright white light which blinded the enemy.

"Windy!" Sakura shouted as the spirit of wind held Sky girl down.

Meanwhile Pixy Misa was wacthing from a top of a building.

"Moon Tiara Magic Barrage!" Sailor Moon shouted.

She again tossd her tiara but this time it had a silver glow and mutipled into 5 then turned the enemy into dust.Two cards floated towards Sakura.

"I think its time for me to go......" Pixy Misa said as she leapt off the building and ran.

"Hey come back here!" Kero shouted.

Later in the day.......
At the Avolon Residense....

"Long ago there were pepole who lived on the moon called Lunarians.We all lived happily at the Moon Kingdom were Serenity and her younger daughter.It was the same for each planet.Except the difference was they were princesses and Sailor Senshi.They were 4 groups the Outers which were they much stronger ones and the inners and the extrasolar were only called upon for an emergancy and the final group were the strongest of all of them.The inners were Mercury,Mars,Jupiter and Venus.The Outers were Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto.The others were Charon,Z and Plutana.And finally the last group was Earth,Jurai, and Jeruslam.Our neigboring planets Mercury,Mars,Jupiter,Venus,Earth and Jeruslam were invited to a the princess' corination.Prince Eydimon of Earth was there also.Then suddenly the Moon was covered by a dark shadow and choas erupted.Luckly two of the strongest senshi were there Earth and Jeruslam.They fought well but were attacked by Beryal herself and with the genarls the two were defeated.Meanwhile the inners were fighting the Youma at the castle.They were't normal youma though.They were the strongest seven which were called Shadow Youma.The inner senshi died while trying to fight them.Meanwhile Beryal with the genarls went to attack Prince Eydimon and the princess.Then a boy teleported in front of Beryal and the generals and killed them......but then wait why am I here now?????" Luna said.

"That does't make sense if the boy stopped them why is Beryal still alive?"Sasami asked.

"I don't know myslef.Something must of happen or my memory is going." Luna said.

"Maybe that's why my attacks did't work on that monster until that boy upgraded my powers."Serena said.

"Wait I think I remember that boy.....That's the boy who saved or the Princess of the Moon and Eydimon!"Luna said.

"Or at least for the moment......Becasue you two are here now." Kero said.

"We still have to find the other senshi and the Moon Princess." Luna said.

"So how many is that?" Serena asked.

"So there's still 14 Seshi we have to find?" Sakura said.

"No, you don't have to help us if you don't want to." Luna said.

"No its okay Since were going to be a team now." Sakura said.

"Sakura,remeber you have 51 more clow cards to find you think you ave time for both?" Kero said.

"Well remeber that monster we faced today?" Sakura asked.

"Of course!" Kero said.

Sakura took out two Clow cards.

"It gave me the float and the dash." Sakura said.

"Hmmm at this rate...we should have the clow cards in about 25 days if we face 1 monster everday."Kero said while hiding a calculator behind his back.

"I think a team is great!" Sasami said.

The three girls stood up and each took out there transformation items.Usagi was in the middle holding up her brooch.Sasami was on the right pointed her baton at Usagi brooch and Sakura was on the left pointing her staff at Usagi's brooch.

"To za eisei of za Mahou shojo of chi!"The trio shouted in unison.

Luna sighed as Ryo-oki and Kero joined the trio.

"Whoever picked them to be the protecters of the present must of been desprate.We're doomed." Luna sighed.

On the magical planet Jeruslam....

"Ahh,douyara Sammy ungaii nasu kouiu it-kan uchi konjin." Tusunami said.

"Tusnami-chan you forgot to put the subtitles on." Ramia said.

"Kansha Ramia-chan!" Tusunami said as she pushed a red button.

"Like I was saying its great that Sammy can easily become friends with pepole." Tusunami said.

"Not for long she will soon she be crushed and I will become Queen of Jersulam!"Ramia muttered.

"Ramia-chan?"Tusunami looked at her worriedly.

"I was just thinking how great Sammy is going to be with her new team."Ramia said in the kindest voice she could.

On the planet Jurai.....

A girl with purple hair was laughing malicously.

"Soon I will cacth you Senshi of Jurai!" She shouted as continued laughing evily.

In a street alley of Jurai.....

"Arty it seems were being chase by the police again.Should I take them out?" A girl said.

"No!You suppose to protect the planet not cause Choas!!" the white lunarian cat said.

"Well that evil princess girl started this.She hated me becasue I got the front page of the news paper...." The girl said defensivly.

"Yeah but still....." The white lunarin cat said.

"Here they come Arty!" The girl said.

"Sailor Jurai and the lunarian cat, Artimas come out or be destroyed." One of the Jurian police said.

"Like i'm going to let that freaky princess' underlings capture me!" Sailor Jurai shouted as she took out her swords and leapted into battle.

"Juarin Crossblade!"

A giant green X shaped energy blast came from both of her sword when she crossed them which easily took out the Jurain forces.She then leapted onto the building and then saw a wave of Jurain guardians that suppose to be very powerful.

"I have no time for this!" Sailor Jurai shouted.

"Surrender peacful or you will be destroyed!" One of the guardinas shoted.

"Again with this stupid question...." Sailor Jurai muttered.

"Your answer is?"The guardain shouted.

"No!" She shouted.

"Then you'll die!" The guardain said as him and the rest of guardians followed.

"Seal of the Acients!"

A colounm of a green energy blast came from on of her swords that she slammed into the roof of the building.The attack took out the guardians and part of the building.She continued to run but then saw four more waves of guardians.

"It's going to be one of those days Arty..." Sailor Jurai muttered.

"Jurain Crossblade!"

The first and third wave went down and then she saw the second and foruth spilt up.

"Where is that girl when you need her!" Sailor Jurai shouted.

"Right behind you." A girl behind her said in a low grim voice.

"You know you can't scare me with your speed or telporting tricks anymore." Sailor Jurai said.

"I sensed you need some help especially since today's the day were going to have to fight the new bacth of warriors the princess made." Saturn said grimly.

"Great....." Sailor Juari muttered.

"Here they come!" Saturn shouted as she vanished and went into battle.

"That girl scares me sometimes..." Sailor Jurai said.

"Were the ones who you should be afriad of!" One of the guardians shouted.

"Just shut the hell up and let's get it over with!" Sailor Jurai shouted as she prepared for battle.

Meanwhile below where Saturn was fighting.

"Today is the day I'll bring death to you all.."Saturn muttered.

"Just give up little girl." One of the guardians shouted.

"Let's just fight already!" Saturn shouted as she took out her glaive and knocked out half of the group of guardains.

"You killed them...Monster!" One of the others shouted as they charged with rage into battle.

"For your infromation I did't kill them I only stunned them." Saturn said as she destroyed the guardain's weapon.

"You have two chices.One go now and I won't kill you or stay here and I will.I suggest you go now.." Saturn said coldly.

The guardians retreated and Saturn vansished again.

"Jurain Crossblade!"

The attack took out the group of guardains and Jurai dropped her swords.

"Finally I'm done." Jurai said in relif.

"No a wave of the new fighters are going to come.This is just the begining." Saturn said as appeared standing by the egdeof the roof.

"I hate that princess girl.She's such a....." Jurai said but was interuptted by Saturn.

"I know.....Here the wave of New fighters come.There's only 7 of them though...." Saturn said.

"Great more fun!" Jurai sarcastically said.

They wacthed as the new warriors marched towards them.

End of Episode 1
Anime Project TX1
Dark Temple Saga
Episode 2-Mimi the hunter and Hiko the magical girl.
On top of a building......
"Alex,I thought you said there were going evil forces coming at this time." Sailor V said.

"Well the evil forces I sensed just vanished." Alex replied.

"Anyway I like being Sailor V." Sailor V said.
In the Dark relam (that used to be owned by the Dark Kingdom)........

"I've been thinking since the senshi are spilt up are they still a probelm?" Shoko said.

"Well since the boy is in Japan, the other senshi are vunarble." Nami replied.

"But if they sense our forces in Japan they'll come running." Sorano noted.

"You mean exactly what you did?" Shoko said.

"Well anyway I have a soulution to that problem thanks to Nami's help." Mika said.

"We'll each take a sector to our counter part.Mine will be the most biggest problem Sailor Moon since she was helped by the boy" Mika said.

"I'll take on Sailor Mercury in the USA.I want to see how stragetic and intelligent she really is." Nami said.

"I'll take on Sailor Mars in China.She's can't have more spirit than me!" Shoko said.

"I'll take one Sailor Jupiter in Russia.I'll see who has real strenght!" Ishi said.

"I'll take on Sailor Venus in England.Sadly I have nothing to test her on becasue I'm already better than her." Sorano said.

"Your ego is going to be the reason you fail.You underestimate pepole way too much..."Nami muttered.

Sorano shurgged and ignored Nami's comment.

"Ok so everyone knows what to do right?" Mika said.

They all nodded and teleported to there sectors.

Sailor V looked at her wacth and remeber she had forgotten something.

"It's time for my date!" Sailor V exictedly said.

"You mean with that college guy?" Alex said.

"Yep!" Sailor V replied.

Two disk were suddenly flying toward Sailor V.

"V! wacth out!" Alex said while jumping up nd tackling Sailor V.

The two disk turned and headed towards them again.

"Venus Cresent Beam Smash!" Sailor V shouted while pointing her finger towards the disk.

She shot both of the disk and they shattered into small pieces of glass.

"They were made out of glass?" Sailor V said as she looked at the pieces of the disk.

A strange figure came ontop of the building holding more disk.

"Those where to test you.These are made out of titanum." The strange girl said as she tossed four more disk at Sailor V.

Sailor V tried dogding them but they came back around and made four slashes on Sailor V's left arm.The turned around for another assult.Sailor V pointed her finger at the incoming disk."Venus Cresent Beam Smash!" Sailor V shouted. Her attack failed ash she saw the attack bounce right off the disk.Suddenly the disk stopped.She then threw a disk at Alex and had knocked him uncounious.

"I don't want to kill my prey the first time around.But i'll be back Sailor V!" The strange girl shouted as she jumped off the building.

Sailor V held her left arm as the blood pooled out of her wounds.She turned over and looked at Alex laying there lifelessly as she fell unconsious.

Sorano,who had just teleported to the building top saw Sailor V laying there unconsious.

"This is too easy!" Sorano said to herself.

A masked person in a ninja outfit appeared infront of Sorano and was blocking her from getting to Sailor V. Sorano laughed.Sorano simply just knocked him out the way.Then he got back up and came infront of her again this time was a blade.

"Now,now little boy.Go home before I decide to really hurt you." Sorano said.

The ninja charged at at her but she shot an energy blast and he fell unconious.

"Now back to what I was doing....." Sorano said as she turned to Venus.

A girl appeared on the top of the building wearing a werid type of fuku.

"I will help all who in need.I'm the one who disroot the roots of hate and evil.Mahou shoujo Lovely Lilly!" The girl shouted.

Sorano sighed.

"Not another problem......" Sorano muttered to herself.

Sorano summoned two bird monsters and went towards Sailor V.

"Not so fast!Lovely Petal Cutter!" Lilly shouted as she held her baton up in the air.

Petals from lillies started to ran down and then a strong blow of wind went by and destroyed the bird monsters.

"Now for my lethal attack..." Lilly said.

"What?" Sorano said.

"Lovely Lilly Cannon!" Lilly shouted.

A powerful energy blast shot out of her baton that had sprouted open.Sorano was hit by that and got knocked off the building.As Sorano was falling she vanished back to her realm.

"Now for you to......" Lilly whispered to her self.

"Lilly teleport!" Lilly shouted as her and the others vanished in a white flash of light.


Sailor V and the ninja woke up in a big room on a gigantic bed and both in normal clothes.Alex,the Venusain cat was laying on a samller bed next to their's.

"Where am I?" Venus said.

She looked around and saw ninja at the other end of the big bed.She got up and went over to check on Alex.

"Alex!Wake up!" Venus shouted as she shook the cat up.

"Whaaaat?!" Alex shouted.

"Your safe Sailor V...." The ninja said as he sat up on the bed.

Sailor V remebered what had happened ontop of the building but still did't reconize him.

"Your the one that saved me from the woman?" Venus asked.

"Well I tried at least then she knocked me out cold also." The ninja said holding his head.

A girl that had long puruple hair and was dressed in a purple belly shirt with a purple mini skirt walked in.

"I'm the one that saved both of you and I know yor identities." the girl said.

"Thanks.....I think.." Venus said.

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone your identities.My name is Rena." The girl said.

"Ok Rena, hw did you save us exactly?" Alex said.

"Well its better to show you than just to tell you." Rena said as she took out a weird looking baton.

"Lovely Mutation Magical Recall!"Rena shouted.

In a flash of purple light she became....

"Mahou Shojo Lovely Lilly!" Rena shouted.

"So you can trasnform to right but are you a Senshi?" Venus asked.

"Nope a Mahou Shojo I use a different type of Magic not plantary like the Senshi." Rena said.

"And were are our stuff?" Senichi said.

"Oh yeah I forgot I used my magic to give you guys a power boost.It'll be sure to help you fight the pepole that are after you." Lilly said as she gave them their things.

"Thanks Rena." Sailor V said.

"And also I have something else for you." Rena said.

She gave them two items that appeared to be 1 sided headphones.

"There Magical communitcators that is not visible to any normal human.We can use them to communicate with each other." Rena said.

Then suddenly two disk came flying threw the windows of the room.Luckly it had't hit no one or anything in the room.

"Lovely Lilly Vines!" Rena shouted as vines came from her baton and had pulled in a strange girl.

"Get these things off of me!" The girl shouted as she use disk to cut them.

"Its Mimi again....." Venus muttered.

Senichi threw some of his shurikens at te girl but she dogded it by jumping up and threw disk at the trio.

"Lovely Petal....." Lilly said as lilly petals rained down from seemingly out of nowhere.

"Ha! nothin can stop those disk from destroying you." Mimi said as she began to evily laugh.

" Cutter!" Lilly shouted as a strong blow of wind blew the petal towards the disk and destroyed them.

"That's imposible....Well still I'll do things the old fashion way." Mimi said as she took out some rope and started to twirl it around.

Senichi and Venus sweatdropped.

"Let's finsh this!" Mimi shouted.

" you wish...." Lilly said.

"Take this!" Mimi shouted as she tossed her rope at Lilly

"Lovely Lilly Cannon!" Lilly shouted as Mimi was knocked out of the area from the large energy blast.

"I'll get you next time!Lilly!!!!!" Mimi shouted as she was hit by the attack.

Just then another girl materilized infront of them.

"Not another freak......"Lilly sighed.

"Who your calling a freak!I'm Mahou shojo Constellation Hiko!" the girl said.

"And let me guess your here to kill us or something...." Venus said.

"Partial correct.I'm here to kill Lilly but while I'm here I'll do away with you two too." Hiko said.

"Let's just get it over with..." Lilly said.

"Constellation Wishes" Hiko shouted as the place they were currently standing changed into a field of constellations and stars.

"Now my power increases...and I willl soon cover the world in darkness!" Hiko said as her eyes turned red.

"What?!" Lilly said.

"Contestallion Orion Final Bomber!" Hiko shouted as stars speeded towards Lilly.

"Lovely Lilly Cannon!"

"Venus Cresent Beam Smash!"

As the attacks combined but still they were over powered by the attack.

"Now you shall die!" Hiko said as she started to grow fangs.

"Lovely Teleport!" Lilly shouted as the were gone in an instant.

"Next time Lilly....." Hiko muttered as she vanished.
"Again where are we?" Senichi asked.

"Were in the basment of my masion." Lilly said as she fell and turned back into Rena.

"Are you okay Rena?" Venus said as she walked over to Rena.

"I'm okay I just used to much magic in one day.I just need to go to sleep now.Night." Rena said as she fell asleep.

Venus yawned.

"I had enough teleporting and freaky girls poping up from all over the place.I think I'm going to sleep too."Sailor V said.

"Sorry I was't much help to you earlier." Senichi said.

"Its okay you can make up for now by standing guard.Night.." Sailor Venus said before falling asleep.

Senichi wacthed V sleep.

"She looks so peaceful and cute when she sleeps."Senichi said to himself.

"I do?" Venus said while popping up behind him.

"I thought you were just asleep?!" Senichi said.

"Nope I going to look around the mansion want to come with me?" Sailor V said.

"Ok." Senichi said as Sailor V took his hand and went to the first level of the mansion.
Back in the Dark realm (That used to be the Dark Kingdom's)........

"I see you failed Sorano.Like I said your underestimating pepole is going to lead to your defeat."Nami said.

"It was't the senshi that beat me though...."Sorano said.

"You forget the senshi always have luck on there side.So it'll be much harder that it seems.Espically if there's another person involed."Nami said.

"Actually there are two more pepole involed the first one that came to her resuce was easy to defeat.But then the second one hit me with a powerful energy blast and then teleported."Sorano said.

"You'll just have to think of a way to fix this problem in the meantime you can just send out some monsters to keep them busy..." Nami said.

"Nami I know you already have a plan.Can you just tell me what you have planned if you were in something like this?" Sorano asked.

"No.I have my own problems to deal with anyway." Nami coldly said.

"Fine then." Sorano replied.

"Hey what's with the long face Sora-chan?We have to pick a name for this realm Mika says.Shoko has the perfect name for it!"Shoko said excitedly while popping out of nowhere.

"There's too many pepole using that move now so it can't disturb or scare me."Nami said to herself.

"Anyway....I have the perfect name!The Dark temple." Shoko said.

"I think its stupid." Mika said.

"So what do you have that's better!" Shoko shouted while glaring at Mika.

"Well anything but Dark Temple!" Mika replied while glaring back Mika.

"They'll never stop..."Ishi said.



"Your the wicth!" Mika shouted.

"And your the freak!" Shoko shouted back.

"How about we settle this with a fight?" Mika said.

"Fine prepare yourself!" Shoko said.

Nami stepped between the two.

"Okay children...we should save our energy for the senshi and I'll decide on a name.Deal?"Nami said.

"Fine with me." Mika said.

"Great!" Shoko said.

"I think Dark temple is perfect becasue we did change this place into a temple and for our cause too." Nami said.

"I told you Dark Temple was a good name!" Shoko said.

"Whatever your up next.I hope the senshi of the fire does't fry you quick.You deseerve a more long and painful death."Mika said.

"Ha ha funny!" Shoko sarcastically said.

"I like wacthing them fight like little kids." Ishi said.

"What do you mean we are kids...." Sorano said.

"Actually to be correct were teens." Nami said.

"Same thing...." Sorano muttered.

"I'll show you Mika that I can beat Sailor Mars!" Shoko shouted.

"I'll like to see that." Mika said.

"We'll I have't see you fight Sailor Moon yet and she formed a team." Shoko repiled.

"Still I'm at her level and the other two are about the same.So I'll just take them on one on one style." Mika said.

"The probality of that working would be about 61.47%."Nami said.

"That's pretty good.Isn't it?" Mika said.

"We'll then if we count the senshi's luck into it...."Nami said while puttting in the numbers.

"What will it be?" Mika said.

"About 14.57%" Nami repiled.


"Well I'll going to prepare for my first appereance."Shoko said as she vanished.

"Perentage does't matter anyway.We have luck on our side too right?" Mika said.

"I'll let you figure that out."Nami said while vanishing.

Mika started to bawl...

"I can't stand that high picth sound!!!" Ishi said while covering her ears.

"Me either...." Sorano said.

"Let's get out of here....." Ishi said while her and Sorano vanished.

"Guys?Where everyone went?" Mika said while looking around the empty room.
On the magical planet Jersalum.....

"It seems Rena has also made a small group...but who is Rena and Hiko..."Tusunami said.

A figure n the dark was wacthing Tusunami.

"You can come out now Z-chan.Come an sit with me."Tusunami said.

A girl with brown and gray here with a ghostly figure stepped into the light.

"I see you bought your ghost friend.Naki."Tusunami said while waving at the ghostly figure.

"" The ghostly figured said.

"You can stop acting like you can't talk now..." Sailor Z said.

"I just like doing that and scaring some pepole too and..." Naki said.

"Okay now just be quiet." Sailor Z said.

"So have you found the one yet?" Tusunami asked.

"No I have't I'm going to start searching on Earth in a month or more." Sailor Z said.

"We'll I have a place you should start when you do go there."Tusunami said.

A map of earth appeared in a flash light.

"Start here!" Tusunami said while pointing to a contry on the egde of the map.

"Thank you Tusunami-sama." Sailor Z while walking back into the darkness and vanished.

"Hopefully she'll find the one there but I already have my supusions." Tusunami said.
On the planet Jurai.......

"I know.....Here the wave of New fighters come.There's only 7 of them though...." Saturn said.

"Great more fun!" Jurai sarcastically said.

They wacthed as the new warriors marched towards them.

"Those things look like robots...."Sailor Jurai said.

"They are robots...." Saturn said.

"Under code 024953 you are are are under arrest."The first Robotic warroir of the group said.

Sweatdrops was coming down from Saturn and Jurai head while hearing the robot talk.

"They sent rusty pieces of junk to attack us.The princess must be getting desprate."Jurai chuckled.

"Be careful don't under estimate them.I sense great souces of plasma type energy inside of them." Saturn said.

"Yeah right like I'm suppose to belive those things...."Sailor Jurai said but then was interrupted by one of the robots.

"......Plasma Cannon!" The first one said while firing plasma beams at the two senshi.

"Now do you belive me?"Saturn said as she dogding the plasma beams.

"Still I can take them out just cover me." Sailor Jurai said as she went striaght for the robots.

"Plasma Cannon!" The other six shouted while shooting plasma beams at Sailor Jurai.

"Slinece wall!" Sailor Saturn shouted as a shield formed infront of Sailor Jurai.

"Jurain Crossblade!"

".....Plasma barrier....." The robotic warriors shouted as they formed a barrior deflecting the attack.

"Plasma Cannon!" The group of robots shouted as they formed a more powerful beam of plasma.

"Seal of the Acients!"

The attacks created an explosion which sent the two senshi flying.

"Oww....Hopefully that took out a few of them....." Sailor Jurai said.

"It did but still there are three more plus five more waves of elite soliders from the princess."Saturn said grimly.

"They just won't stop today...." Sailor Jurai sighed.

"Now if you surrender..."The first elite officer said but was cut off by Sailor Jurai.

"Just cut the crap and let's fight!" Sailor Jurai shouted while getting into her fighting stance.

"Fine its your funeral." The second elite officer said.

Sailor Jurai rused into battle and clashed swords with the elite soilders.Saturn summon her death ribbon which held all the soilders down.While the next wave came.

"If you want your friends to live I suggest you help them now or they'll die from the death ribbons." Saturn said.

"We'll get you for this...."The leader of the elite soilders muttered.

"Let's go Saturn!" Sailor Jurai shouted as they leapted into the sky.

"Stop! Your under arrest!" A robot warrior shouted as it chased them.

"Jurian Crossblade!"

The robot warrior exploded and two more came after him.Saturn summon here death ribbons and the two robots where tangled up in the ribbons.The four more came.

"Its hopeless for every one we destroy two more take its place." Saturn said grimly.

Jurai opened a compact and Artimas face appeared on it.

"Okay from here I'll guide you thourgh stuff from here.Your first objective is to go to the factory where these things are being made." Artimas said.

"I bet there's alot of security there.." Sailor Jurai said.

"My sensors detect there is a very power source of power there.Its the core of the factory.The come back to HQ." Artimas said.

"I think I know why the robots were keep coming back...Were right near the factory." Sailor Jurai said.

"To be correct were in front of the factory." Saturn said.

"Whatever...." Sailor Jurai said she ran thourgh the front entrance.

Saturn stood there and seemed to be waiting for something.

"Kyaaaaa!" Sailor Jurai was shouting as she was toss out in a flamming all of energy.

"Only an idiot would just charge into a secure place like this." Saturn said.

"You know I'm getting tired of you...." Jurai said while patting out the flames on her fuku.

"It's strange how you fuku is like a one pieces dress that's dome shaped insted of it being like mine." Sailor Saturn said.

"Sorry I'm not like other senshi who runs around in revealing miniskirts thourgh day and night." Jurai sarcastically said.

"Good point." Saturn said.

"So what would you do to get inside a place like this?" Sailor Jurai said.

"Well we can try using the backdoor." Sailor Saturn said.

"What kinda of stupid idea is that.The pricess can't be that stupid and leave a back door for such an important place!" Jurai said.

"You were saying?" Saturn sad as she opened the backdoor.

"I knew the princess was a little slow.....but..." Jurai muttered.

"No she's not slow.She probally planned this she wants us to go in."Saturn said.

"So then why are we walking into her trap?" Jurai asked.

"Well this is the only way in and the other way is bombarded with electric shields..."Saturn said.

"Wait I have an idea!Just teleport us up there." Sailor Jurai said before they vanished.

"We have to wacth out for tose red lasers that are bouncing of the roof and that moving mirror."Saturn said.

"I know we just have to cut a whole in the roof and we'll be closer to the core." Jurai said while pointing at the middle of the roof.

Saturn leapted onto the lower level of the roof and gracefully dogded all the red lasersand made it to the middle of the roof.The she used her glaive to cut a hole in it.

"Okay your turn." Saturn said.

Jurai fell onto the lower level of the and touched all thelasers which set off the alarm and pushed Saturn and herself down the hole making them come crashing down to the floor.

"That...hurt...oww..."Jurai said while rubbing her head.

"Jurai next time were taking the back door....." Saturn muttered.

Saturn gave Jurai a deadly looking glare.

"Ok..ok...So let's just get going.."Jurai pleaded as she ran down the hall of the factory.

"You can't run for long!" Saturn shouted as she levitated and flew after Jurai.

"Okay!Okay I give up!I never knew you could levitate?" Jurai said.

"I only can do it for a short time." Saturn said as she floated back down to the ground.

"I feel a great amount of energy coming from that door up ahead that must be the core!" Saturn said.

"First we have to deal with these robots again...." Jurai sighed as she saw five robotic warroirs heading towrds them.

"Let's try that technique we worked on last month.." Saturn said.

"K." Jurai replied as the crossed there weapons.

"Seal of Death!" They both shouted in unision as an green X shapped energy blast hit the enemies then was followed by a wave of purple energy that made the enemies dissolve into the air.

"The new attack was a success!" Jurai shouted.

"Yes but now we must go in and destroy the core." Saturn said.

Then suddenly a 20 foot robot came from the giantic door.In the middle of it was the core of the foctory.Then it started to create a new type of robot and sent them after the duo.

"I can't belive this is happening......" Jurai muttered.

"......." Saturn was speechless.

"Yes fear is now installed in your hearts now I will crush you!" The robot shouted.

"I guess we'll have to bring death to them all."Saturn chuckled.

"Its too bad for them." Jurai added.

"The fight will begin now!" The giantic robot shouted.

Jurai and Saturn prepared or battle as the giant root power up which created an black arua around him and the smaller robots he sent after the two senshi.

End of Episode 2
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Anime Project TX1
Dark Temple Saga
Episode 3-Angel of Fire
At the shrine.....
A raven hair girl was sweeping at the shrine while singing to herself.Behind here was her house and a small attachment that was like a smaller house.To the left there was a shrine to the god of fire.To her right there was boy cleaning up that part of the shrine..Downstairs to the street her granfather was selling charms to pepole passing by in front of the shirne.

"Any of you young ladies want your palm read?" The old man said as he walked over to some girls.

He then went to another girl.

"You want to buy some charms?" The old man said.

Again he went to another girl.

"Do you want some charms?" he said.

Then a boy walked by with a bag across his back.

"Hey old man.Do you think I can stay here for a few days?" the boy asked.

"Only if you buy some charms." the old man said.

"Ok I'll buy some charms." He said as he handed him some money.

The man went up the stairs and saw the raven hair girl singing and sweeping.

"Do you know where I'm going to stay?" he asked.

The raven haired girl looked at the man who had short brown spiky hair with dark brown eyes.He wore black pants and a sleevless white jacket that seems ripped.He hand no shoes or socks.

"Did my granfather put you up to this?" The raven haired girl asked.

"No I'm really staying here."He repiled.

The boy that was sweeping on the other side walked over.

"Rei,who is he?" he asked.

"I don't know I guess granfather is willing to o anything to sell charms now..." Rei sighed.

"I don't like him...." the boy muttered.

"Well get use to it!" The man said.

The old man from that was on the street came upstiars and saw the man and the boy arguing.

"Grandpa did you really tell him he can stay here?" Rei asked.

"Well...yes."He said.

"What! your just unbelivable sometimes how can you tell a stranger that he can just stay here for a few days!" Rei shouted as she went into the house.
Inside the house....

"I guess I'll just meditate by the fire now." Rei said to herself as she sat down and began to meditate.

She sat there and then started to see images in the fire.

"Its that guy that was outside with me?" Rei said to herself as the man from outside stepped in.

"I told you Ken not to disturb me while i'm...."She said as the man from outside sat and next to her.

"Look I usally don't like strange grown men sitting next to me so can you leave?" Rei asked.

"I'm not a man yet...I'm still 16 years old.My name is Toryu.What's your name?" He said.

"My name is Rei and you just disturbed me while I was meditating..." Rei said.

"I meditate too.So what did you see?" Toryu asked.

"Its none of your business!" Rei said.

"I already know anyway.You saw me,fire and yourself right?" Toryu asked.

"How did you know?" Rei asked.

"I just do." He repiled.

Rei start blush a little as she leaned on his shoulder.

(For some reason I feel safe around him like i know him...) Rei thought.

"Rei! are you in there?!" Ken shouted from the hall which connected the two parts.

She then lifted her head off of Toryu.

"Echiii!" She shouted as she smacked Toryu.

"What was that for?" He said he rubbed the side of his face.

She got up and went to the other side of the house.

Toryu then closed the doors and sat by the fire.He began meditating and three circles appeared.Rei decided to go back to meditate with Toryu but insted went by the door and listened.

"Hey brat!Are you there?" Toryu shouted.

"Of course.You don't have to yell you know." Ruri said.

"Toryu you have summoned me right?" Sachi said as she filled one of the circles.

"And where's that wicth Haya?" He said.

"When I see you again I'll have a nice suprise waiting for you idiot." Haya said.

"So all my annoying sisters are here.So how things are in each of the points." Toryu asked.

"Things are going smoothly in Japan." Ruri said.

"Its very nosy here but no other problems in the USA." Sachi said.

"...." Haya was slient.

Toryu smirked.

"Haya how are things on Jurai?" he asked.

"......" Haya did't say anything.

"It seems the wicth bit of more than she could chew when she picked there." Toryu chuckled.

"I'm going to come to earth and personally assaniate you Toryu!" Haya shouted one of the circles vanished.

"Toryu you can't hide nothing for the Angel of Knowlegde now that Haya is off you can tell us the reason you really called us.Which I already suspect..." Ruri said.

"Yea I promise I won't tell anyone." Sachi said.

"Fine... I fell in love with an earth girl....." Toryu said.

It was slient for a few seconds.

"I told you Sachi!Now pay me my 200 U.S dollors." Ruri said.

"I should have never bet against the angel of knowlege..." Sachi sighed.

"Well Toryu you already know what she has to go thourgh.The trials and if she is just a plain human girlthere is no way she could passt the test." Ruri said.

"What's her name." Sachi asked.

"Rei."He said.

"You mean that name you used to say in your sleep or when your meditating.Well actually you use to say it alot.......But I do sense something from a girl named Rei Hino there is that the same Rei.Find out her last name.Or you can ask her now becasue she been listing in the whole time....."Ruri said.

Toryu opened the door and Rei fell face down into the floor.The he closed the door back.

"You were right she was spying on me." Toryu said.

"Yep and I belive that's Rei Hino." Ruri said.

"How do you know my name?" Rei asked.

"She's the one then so I guess I should give her this thing right?" As he took out a henshin pin.

"Yea that and alot of explaining to do good luck!" Ruri said as the circle vansihed.

"I'm no good at explaining but I wish you luck oniichan!" Sachi said as she vanished.

Toryu gave her the henshin pin.

"Well you know that vision you saw today.Of me with my angel wings."He said as he he wings appeared on his back.

"They feel warm,soft and smooth." Rei said as she touched them.

"I am the Angel of Fire and those girls were my sisters." Toryu said.

"They each represent something like you?"

"Of course.Ruri the Angel of Ice,water and knowelgde.Sachi of Nature and Earth."

"So what did they mean about me being the one?"

"The one destined to be the senshi of Mars and...."


"I don't exactly know either."

"What was the and?"

"The one who will be with me for eternity." He said as held Rei's hands.

"Oh..." Rei replied as she gazed into his Dark brown eyes.

They drew closer to each other then an explsion shook the room.Toryu and Rei went outside and saw a girl levitating in the sky.She shot an energy beam at Rei but Toryu took the hit for Rei and fell.

"Toryu-sama!Are you okay?" Rei asked.

"Use the thing I gave you earlier......" He said and he died.

Rei turned around and saw the girl.

"Mars Power Make up!" She shouted as she went under a magical transformation.

"I am sailor Mars The protector of fire and Love.I will never forgive you this.In the name of Mars I shall Punish you!" Sailor Mars shouted while doing a pose.

The girl laughed and threw energy blast at her.Sailor Mars dogded them and made it to the top of the house reaching the girl.

"Hello nice to meet you Pyro girl.I'm Shoko of the spirits!" She shouted.

"I don't care who you are!" She shouted as a red arua surround her.


"Fire Soul Body Love!" She shouted as a great amount of fire came from her body and knocked Shoko into the street.

"I'll get you next time...." Shoko shouted as she vanished.

Sailor Mars walked over to Toryu's body.

"Toryu-sama..." She whispered.

"Yeah what is it?" He said.

"I thought you were dead?!" Sailor Mars shouted.

"I pretended to be killed by that weak attack so you could fight better and it had a nice damtic effect."Toryu said.

"Jerk!" She shouted as she smacked Toryu and walked off.

"What was that for?!" Toryu shouted.

"Figure it out idiot." She shouted back.

Then someone lurking in the shadows came into the light and rushed towards Toryu.

"Die!" The figure shouted with its sword.

Toryu dogded the attack and shot a fire ball at the red figure.It was a boy in Red armor with a sword.

"Flamming Blade Strike!" He shouted as he swung his sword that then created a powerful wave of Fire.

The attack did't seem to hurt or not even scracth Toryu.

"Look kid your pretty tough but you don't know who your messing with."Toryu said.

"Kid?I'll show you who's a kid around here!" He shouted as a Dark red arua surrounded him.

(He must be the male senshi of Mars..)Toryu thought.

"Mars Sexual Heat!" He shouted as huge amounts of flames came from his body almost the same as Mars' attack.

Toryu focus his power and reversed the attack except sending it back twice as strong as before.The reversal of his attakc overwhlemed the knight and his transformation wore off.

"Its the kid from the shrine..." Toryu said as he picked him up and carried him to the shrine.

Later at the shrine....

"What happen to him!" Rei shouted as she saw his beaten up body.

"Well he's actually the male senshi of Mars then he attack me.....and this is where we are.." Toryu said as sweatdrops formed on the back of his head.

"Can't you heal him or something?" Rei panicked.

"I'll try." He repiled as he out his hands over his body and he started to glow.

Slowly the glow around the Ken's body started to heal him.He woke up then looked at Toryu and started to blush and gaze.

"Kid are you okay?" Toryu asked.

Ken said nothing just kept staring at him.

"Ken are you there?" Rei said while snapping hre fingers infront of him

"He's in some kinda transe." Toryu said.

"Did you scramble his brain or something?" Rei said.

"No...I don't have those kind of powers...He coud be attarcted to my powers I guess."Toryu said while waving his finger and saw ken's eyes followed.

"Weird...." Rei said.

"Rei maybe you should transform he'll be attracted to you then." Toryu said.

"No your power is much stronger than mine I don't think it'll work.Let's just leave him here." Rei said.

"Like this?" Toryu asked.

"Toryu-sama let's go now!" Rei snapped as he got up and left.

Ken sat there then got up and went outside.

"Rei-chan I want to take you out somewhere today." Toryu said.

"I still feel kinda drained after fighting that girl...But we can go to that new restuarnt I wanted to go to." Rei said.

"Lead the way Rei-chan...."He said as he followed Rei down the street.

At the Xian resteraunt....

Rei and Toryu sitting on the outside sharing an order of french fries."I thought when this was suppose to be a resteruant we would't be sharing an order of fries!" Rei shouted as she dragged Toryu down the street.

"Wait I'm not done yet!" Toryu said as Rei dragged him down the street.
Two blocks down from the resturant....

"Rei can you stop dragging me down the street its starting to make a seen..."Toryu said as pepole started to stare.

Rei looked around and looked at the pepole."What the hell you looking at!" She shouted as she continued to drag Toryu down the street.

"I can walk by myself!" Toryu said as Rei contiuned dragging him don the street.

At a Karoke bar....

"So what are we going to do here?" Toryu said.

"I'm going to sing of course!I need to practice the song I'm going to be singing at the fair."Rei said as she got on the stage and took the mike.

Then a girl pushed Rei off the stage and grabbed the mike.

"Atashi wa suteki na mahou shoujo
Nandemo dekichyau mahou shoujo
Sonno na mo sonno na mo
Pixy Misa! WHOO!

Rei got up on the stage as Pixy Misa ignored her and continued from a later part in the song.

"Keitai kata tteni hirei wa OKAY
LOVE LOVE MONSTER yobi dashichyatte
SEXY kukan tsukuchyao
Seijika damashite kakume okoshite
Nippon jimatsu medeteina
Komata SAMMY o yokome de nirande
Waruiko ondo o odochyao "

The music stopped.

"Hey who turned off the music!?" Pixy Misa shouted as Rei's fist connected with her face.

Pixy Misa got back up and slapped Rei.

"How dare you hit the best Mahou shojo Pixy Misa!" Pixy Misa shouted.

"The best huh?Let's take up a nocth then.Mars Power Make up!" Rei shouted as she went thourgh her transformation phase.

"Fire Soul!" Mars shouted as she tossed fireballs at Pixy Misa.

Pixy Misa jumped up and dogded the attack which left the music equipment burnt.

"Pixy Misa Shuriken!" She shouted as tossed red shurikens.

Sailor Mars jumped and noticed the shurinkens followed the same suit and came after her.She then tossed some anti evil scrolls that disabled them.

"Ha you have to try better than that." Sailor Mars said while striking a pose.

"Pixy Sexual Fire!" Pixy Misa shouted as the large amount of flames emitted from her baton.

"Here's anew attack I just made up,"Pixy Misa said.

"Blazing Baton!"

"Fire Soul!"

The flames of the attacks melted most of the bar and part of the next building.Sailor Mars felt weak and she was badly burnt.She could barley get up and saw Toryu sleeping on the table.She tossed a fireball at and he started to cacth on fire.

"Any second now..."She said to herself as she tried to get up.

"Ha your pathetic the ultimte mahou shojo Pixy Misa wins!" She shouted.

"Come on Toryu wake up!" She shouted.

"What..."He groaned then noticed he was on fire and patted it out.

"Fire really does't effect me but it does mess up my clothes." Toryu said.

"You idiot!"Sailor Mars shouted.

"oh..."He said as he saw a little girl dressed as an adult.

"Yeah her!" Sailor Mars shouted.

Toryu started walking towards the little girl.

"What's wrong its just a little girl." Toryu said.

"Fine let her roast you."Sailor Mars said as she was limping her wave off the stage.

"Baton Bash!"Pixy Misa shouted as She knocked Toryu into the building across the street.

"I told you.baka..." Sailor Mars said as she was trying to escape.

"And wait don't think I forgot you!" Pixy Misa shouted as she was pointing at Sailor Mars.

"Pixy Sexual Fire!"

Sailor Mars was fulled with fear and did't have enough power to counter or dogde the attack.

"Damn if only I coud move...." Sailor Mars said to herself.

The suddenly a figure stepped infront of her.He took out his sword and a small scroll.The boy then tossed the scroll as Sailor Mars wacthed it floated in midair.

"Element Water come to my aid!" He shouted as he hit the scroll with the tip of his sword.

Water started to swirl out of the scroll and extingushed the flame which caused the place to be shrouded in mist.

"Come on let's go."The boy said as he helped Mars out of the building.

"What?Where is..." Pixy Misa shouted as she started to choke on the steam.

Meanwhile outside og the building Sailor Mars was laid out on the street as the boy tried to wake her up.Across the street from them Toryu was finally got up and was heading towards the them.The boy took out a car!d and hit it with the tip of his sword.

"Vanish!" he shouted.

Toryu kneed down and started to shake Rei.She then woke up but then Toryu was still shaking her.

"Pyscho!" Rei shouted as she punched Toryu square in the face and started to limp her way home.

Toryu got back up and went to Rei.

"You want me to carry you?Can you at leasy answer me?" Toryu asked.

"You want an answer....." Rei said with a evil like look.

"Yea.That would be nice." He repiled.

"Here take this for an answer...." Rei said as got ready to hit Toryu again.

"Huh?" Toryu clulessly repiled.

"Jerk!" Rei shouted as she tossed him down the street.

Toryu again caught back up to Rei.

"Insted of you being my savior a small boy comes to my aid." Rei said.

"So what's the problem?" Toryu said.


"Your going to hit me again right?"

"No.I'm not."

"I was only joking and if I could I would of saved you."

"Great..." Rei said before she collasped.

"Rei?! Rei?!" Toryu's voice could be heard in the background under the sounds of ambulances.
In Japan

A strange boy was staring up into the sky as small little lights went up into space.


"The fight will begin now!" The giantic robot shouted.

Jurai and Saturn prepared or battle as the giant robot power up which created an black arua around him and the smaller robots he sent after the two senshi.

Small purple cirlce shaped lights started to rain from the sky and onto Saturn.

"I feel it..." Saturn whispere as the lights formed into a transformation pin.

"Saturn Matrix Make up!" Saturn souted as an orb of purple light surrounded the room.

Saturn moved at great speed and destroyed half of hte robot army in on swipe.The giantic robot dtarted to gain up its energy for an energy blast.Meanwhile the smaller ones starte to shoot at Saturn with there cannon arms.

"Death Glaive Revolution!" Saturn shouted as time appeared to slow down.

Her glaive became two sided and then she did a quick swipe and manged to cut all of them into perfect halves.

"Round 2..." The robot said as it still was building up more energy.

Robotic Knights and Cyber soilders came out of two sides doors and started to charge at Saturn and Jurai,

"Cyber Beam.." Robotic voices shouted as mutiple energy beams was shot towards Saturn.

Saturn jumped and dogded most of the blast until some of the cyber soilders started to hover and fire at her.

"Slient Wall!" Saturn shouted as a purple arua formed around her.

"Swords of shiva...." Robotic Voices shouted as daggers and swords were being fired at Jurai.

"Seal of the Acients!" Jurai shotued as a column of energy disenagrated the swords and daggers.

Another Robotic Knight came out of a side door but its sword was glowing.It started to swing at Saturn but Saturn dogeded everyone of its attacks but she noticed that the arua around the blade was acid like.It did't even touch her but still it cut some of her hair and clothes.

"Jurai be careful there's something not right with that robotic knight." Saturn said.

"Plasimic Blade!" The robotic knight shouted as an energy blast came from the strange sword.

Saturn and Jurai dogded the attack but then saw how it ate thorugh the metal door.Saturn put on a visor and started to analyze the gigantic robot.She gasped.

"What happen?" Jurai asked.

"The beam its made of the same type of energy the sword has...." Saturn repiled grimly.

"And that means?"

"If that thing fires this part of the planet would no longer exist.."

"Is there a way to diffuse that thing?"

The robotic warriors and the cyber soilders started to fall apart and then reconnect with each other.

"No....but I have another plan though."

"Well what is it?"

"Run!It goes off in five seconds counting from now!"

The duo started to run for lives running down the hall that began to turn into liquid metal.

"Aiming...." The robotic giant constanly repeated.

"I don't think we can make!" Jurai shouted.

"Yes we can the metal doors are up ahead." Saturn said.

A large metal block started to come out of the lower and started to close off the exit.

"You think that's going to stop me?" Jurai said as she stopped and laughed menacingly.

She took out her two swords.

"Jurain Crossblade!" She shouted.

The large green X shaped energy blast made a large hole thourgh the Metal block.

"Let's go!" Jurai shouted as herself and Satrun jumped thourgh the metal hole.

"FIRE!"The robotic giant shouted.

A large energy beam was shot from the large circular hole on the robots body.The energy beams travled thourgh the factory making it that you could see green light coming out of all of the openings of the factory.The lights
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