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Utena: A New Life At The Academy (Chapter One)

This story first appeared on and  I made it up to four chapters and have since abandoned it.  I'm going to put it up on my site also sweetymelina18 because I can't seem to keep interest updating it.  I like the story and all as well as certain parts that even surprise me.  I hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to contribute.  I have put this story up for adoption with no strings attached.  If anyone wants to continue it, please let me know.


Utena:  A New Life At The Academy (PG-13)

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

I looked up and smiled. "I'm sure."

She kissed me gently on the cheek. "Well, off with you, you cruel girl." She wasn't my real mother. She loved me just the same.

The bus to the academy was waiting. I hated flowers but something about the scent drew me closer to this school of the rose… the scent of the letters I had been receiving for the past 7 months.

I gave her a hug and with my rose colored bag in hand was on my way.

The bus was white…kind of reminded me of white roses…

I put my elbow up on the window after I found my seat and stared out at the passing scenery.

She looked hurt when I got on the bus. I made sure that I watched her so I could wave to her. Her little girl was growing up.

The bus came to a stop to let a couple more girls get on. There were very few boys on this trip. Why?! The bus began to move. I never paid attention to the faces as they boarded. I was in the middle of thinking if I was special enough to go to this school. I'd heard rumours about hauntings and incest and…suddenly, I just wanted the bus to blow a couple tires and stop.

Just as I started to get on my knees and pray, the bus hit a large stone. A body crashed against me.


I pried open my eyes and looked at the object that had bumped me. Whoever it was, was leaning in such a way that she covered my eyes. Everything was dark…well…maybe a dark blonde color. Her hair was covering my face.

She managed to get up. "I'm sorry. It looks like I'll be sitting next to you for the rest of the trip."

"Uhmm…it's okay." I muttered as I got up from the floor of the bus.

She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair. The yellowist I had seen in my entire thirteen years of life. She had blue eyes that would make anyone envious…including me with my mutt hazel eyes.

"I just got on and that rude driver didn't want to stop and wait for me to get seated." She huffed.

Her skin was pale…almost like mine. I quickly shut my eyes and turned my head to look out the bus window again.

"Did you receive a letter to the Ohtori Academy?" Why was I so harsh sounding when I said this?

"Hmph. As if!!"

I offended her.

"I'm going to the academy because my brother is the student council president there."


She looked at me. "Do you know who I am?"

"Uhm." This really would take some deep thought. "You're the sister of the student council president."

She looked like she wanted to beat me for a minute. Suddenly three girls and three guys appeared before me.


I looked around at the faces and suddenly it was just the two of us alone again, in our seat.

"What just happened?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing."

"JUST NOTHING!!!" They sang again and disappeared.

"Why are you going to the academy?" she asked.

I looked at her. "Because I got several letters."


"SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!!!" The blonde girl yelled as she delivered a hammer fist to each of the members of her singing section. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SING FOR ME ONLY!!!"

As soon as they received their bruising they fell back into their seats. If you listened hard enough you could hear the muffled tones of "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

"Don't mind them." She said as she dusted off her hands. "Even the most popular of girls has groupies."

I looked at her for a minute. "Oh. Okay."

The smile on her face seemed evil and yet well meaning somehow.

As we traveled I got to see a lush countryside with fields of tall green grass and happy cows living off the land. I could see the ocean not far away too. It was so beautiful. My partner didn't seem to be enjoying herself that much. She kept gazing at a picture with a golden frame. I kept thinking that she was looking at a picture of her boyfriend or maybe family. I envied her. I had a picture of my brother but it was so old and crusty…I was only a baby than…*sigh*.

"My brother is so handsome. He made sure all the student council members were as handsome and beautiful as he is."

I looked at the blonde girl for a minute. Something just made me want to strangle her. I did take in the fact that she was quite pretty.

Long golden hair with a professional looking braid wrapped lovingly around the rest of her hair. Shining blue eyes as blue as the ocean. Her school uniform as plain as it was seemed to lose a battle as it failed miserably to make her look like the rest of the busload of children.

Here I sat with my thirty six inches of naturally purple hair. I had bleached my hair blue in a streak because I couldn't stand the solid color of my usually boring hair. I sported a red jacket with a black pair of pants. I was a decorated member of the Omashi school in Amsterdam. It was a middle school that prided itself on putting out show fighters.

My teachers had told me that it was requested by someone in the Ohtori Academy that I transfer to Japan and attend their school. The timing seemed so strange. That's when those letters started showing up. It was also just a couple days after my…never mind.

"You know what?" she suddenly asked me.

I looked at her. I could tell that my expression was that of anger but she ignored it.

"You look like someone I know. He's an old friend of my brother and is…never mind…it can't be. My brother says he doesn't have any relatives. I already asked."

She seemed so snobbish. The urge to strangle her was becoming greater.

The cruel ride had ended with the screeching of hydraulic breaks. "Do you have any bags?" she asked me.

"Just a few." I said thinking that she would offer to help me carry them.

"I always travel heavy for this kind of trip, too. That's why I have friends to help me."

Ooooh!! Don't let me kill her!!! I could feel my blood pressure rise.

"My name's Nanami Kiryuu." She extended her hand to me.

I took it, slowly looking for pressure points to jab that would maybe kill her and look like an accidental death.

"Tschi, Uwe." I said as I told her my name. It was different from my brother's last name.

"I suspect that we might meet again." She looked so happy I didn't have the heart to kill her now.

Nanami's cheering section pushed past us as soon as the bus doors opened. Each of them had several bags in tow.

"They work fast." I said stupefied.

She just smiled and nodded at me.

I followed her down the bus steps. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you later." She said.

I was about to reply when my wandering eyes caught a glint of the most brilliant red I had ever seen. But, red what? Suddenly the area was filled with school girls screaming and chanting. What was this ruckus for? They all seemed to flock in one location…the area where I saw that red thing. Before I could ask my schoolmate anything she was off and running too. "Big brother!!" She was shouting. I smiled. I was happy to know that someone else had family at this academy as well.

I looked over at the carrier section of the bus. Maybe my bags can wait for a little bit. I had planned to run after Nanami but…

"Ow!!! You big jerk!!!" My left arm had become seized by a tall object.

The object was a man. He let me go after I struggled a couple times in vain to get loose.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.

It was kind of hard to see the face of this person. I freely admit that the sun was shining behind his face so I couldn't see all that well. I was being blinded every time I took a glance.

"I wanna go over there!!" I shouted and stomped my foot.

"Now, now." This person said. "Is that anyway to talk to your older brother?"

I shook my head and put a hand over my eyes. Sure enough. "Saionji!!!" I blurted out. I was overjoyed. I rammed my head into his chest and wrapped my arms around him. He was quite tall. Well, I was quite tall…for a thirteen year old.

He was wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of jeans. I was surprised that I smelled roses rather than the leather. His arms felt so nice around me. "It's good to see you after all these years." He whispered.

"We really need to talk." I whispered back as I looked up at him. He smiled and nodded his head. "We will."

More screaming girls approached. This time they circled me and my brother. "Saionji with a girl? Who is she?"

"Why are they so shocked? Where's that girl that was in those pictures you sent me?"

I felt like I had spit in his face. He frowned at me. I thought he would have punched me.

"This is my baby sister Uwe." That tone sounded so proud all of a sudden.

The crowd was silent. "Uwe? Sister?" All those girls were slack jawed. It was kind of funny.

"Do you have any bags?" My brother asked me as he ran his hands through my hair. Next I heard "Bags?! Does she have any bags?"

"Uhm. They're in the bus. They all have red and black labels and they have the Omashi school seal on them" I was confused but decided to play along.

"Red and black?! Red and Black!! Like lady Utena!!" The crowd cheered "There's another Prince!!"

I watched as all the girls ran to the carrier and pulled my bags out. They all seemed so happy for some reason.

"Uhm…who's Utena?" I asked him. Again he scowled at me.

I looked down at the ground. For the short time that I was around him, this is one of the ways I remembered him. He was usually angry at something.

He let go of me and I was finally able to notice that the girls had my bags collected.

My brother put his hands on my shoulders. I could feel his chin resting against my head. "Did you pack enough bags?"

I felt myself blushing. He squatted down and wrapped my arms around his neck. It had been a long time since he had given me a piggy back ride. I rested my head against his. His green hair smelled so entrancing. It was so beautiful. It was naturally wavy just like his mothers. My hair was straight and purple just like my mothers.

Saionji's fan club circled us as we began to head toward the dorms. I was surprised to see all the huge white buildings. While walking I noticed a huge tower. It seemed to stretch far above the rest of the buildings. I was awe struck. Everything was so clean…and so…white.

The buildings looked so old but they were kept in amazing shape. It kind of reminded me of all those pictures I saw of Ancient Greece in the history books back at my old school.

"Welcome to the Ohtori Academy." I heard his voice below me. He sounded so happy to see me. The feeling was more than mutual. I saw a sign over my left shoulder. It said "dorms".

"Aren't we supposed to go the other way?" I asked as the sign passed by in the opposite direction.

"Saionji-sama's important!" One of the girls said.

"He's Vice President of the student council!!!" Another one chided in.

He is, is he. I thought to myself. I smiled. I guess he is. Saionji stopped below me and broke my train of thought. The girls kept walking in a hurried pace. What was going on? His head lifted up. He was looking at something…or someone.

"Hello, Saionji." I looked over my brother's head, left and right and didn't see anyone. He lowered his head.

Oh, it must be someone directly in front of him. I pushed his green hair out of my way and looked down. Needless to say I was shocked to find a pink haired guy staring at me. He wore dark sunglasses and a purple suit. His dress style reminded me of a picture I saw that was taken in the 1950s.

I felt chills run up my spine. "Is this your little sister?" He asked. The tone of his voice suggested that he really didn't care who I was.

"Yep. This is my brat sister." Saionji answered with a half laugh.

"Hey!!" I shouted as I beat the back of his head.

"Uwe, this is Mikage. He's a child prodigy." My brother's voice suddenly seemed devoid of humor.

Mikage smiled at me. It seemed kind of forced, his smile did. "A pleasure to meet you."

"Same here." I said slowly.

Without any further words Mikage tipped his glasses for a final stare and walked away. "Who was he?" I said in a private irritated tone.

"He's a professor here. He keeps to himself quite a bit."

"Oh." I hugged my brother's shoulders tighter. The girls were waiting for us. They had stopped outside of a large…uhmmm…maybe HUGE white house. "Here we are!!" they all shouted in unison. Everyone at this academy seemed to love to sing.

It had so many pillars!!! Windows were everywhere!!! I suddenly wondered if I would become an idol to the males at this school like he did with the females. Would I get any privacy with so many windows?

All my bags were set down inside the main hall.

"Nice meeting you lady Uwe!!!" They said as they bowed their heads and turned to leave.

I watched them as they departed and turned to look at my brother. He was busily opening my suitcases. "Do you really need all this fighting gear?" He asked as he poked at one of my opened bags.

"I'm supposed to be a teacher here, right?"

He shook his head at me and rolled his eyes. "Okay."

There was an enormous spiraling staircase in the foyer. The hallways seemed to reach out forever. I suddenly wondered if there was anyone else living here with us. We moved my baggage into a room that he had set aside for me. It was huge!!!. There was a king size canopy bed with rose colored draping, a huge walk in closet, and an attached bathroom. I stared for so long as I tried to take in the entire view. All the outer walls were made of glass so I could see the outside. Just when I was about to worry about people looking in at me and the early morning sunlight blinding me before I was ready to wake up, I noticed huge heavy curtains.

That's cool!!! I thought to myself.

"We'll catch up when you get stuff settled in." he winked at me and put a finger up to his eye.

I nodded stupidly and set to work. I pulled out so many uniforms and protective gear. Just than my eyes came across something. There was a small table next to the bed. On it was a picture with a golden frame. It was a photograph taken of Saionji and I. I was so young than. I had to be about two or so. We looked so happy together. There were no adults in the picture. Maybe it was just as well.

In about eight minutes I was on my feet. I ran out of my room and hooked a sharp left. Another set of stairs was in front of me. I looked both ways and slid down the banister. My mother would have had a fit if she had seen me doing this. I probably slid down about two floors…It was so much fun!!! I hopped off when it looked like the end of the road was approaching and took a right. I had absolutely no idea where I was going but it was a blast to explore!!! My home where I lived with my real mother was a tiny brown single story cottage in the United States. There wasn't any room to run around like a wild child. I ended up in a kitchen. I say "a" kitchen because it was so small, and I could have sworn that I saw another room with a stove a couple doors back. My hair was trailing behind me as I skipped around. A left seemed to be the way to go now.

"La-La-La-La-La!!!" I chanted.

"That's as far as you go."

"What?!" I yelped in pain as my hair was yanked by the ends. The shock of my forward motion being halted abruptly caused me to fall on my backside. I rubbed my butt. "What is your problem?!" I yelled at my brother.

He stood in the doorway with his arms crossed. He was wearing a peach colored long sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. "You'll have plenty of time to make a fool of yourself later." He said as he turned to leave.

"Big jerk!!!" I hissed.

He didn't stop walking. He just waved a hand at me from over his shoulder.

I quickly got to my feet and ran after him.

When I was able to catch up to him he had stopped at a large closed door. Wouldn't you know it…it was white too. He pushed the door open. As the door swung open I noticed the back of a large white "U" shaped couch. There was a fireplace made of white stones in front of the couch.

My jaw dropped as I began to take in my surroundings. Saionji just walked around the side of the couch and sat down in the center. I don't know how long I was standing there for. My trance was suddenly broken, when I heard the sound of fingers snapping. "Earth to Uwe!" My brother said in a mocking voice.

I shook my head and vaulted over the side of the couch and plopped down next to him.

"You know…" he began.

"I know, I know. Most people walk around." I finished his sentence for him.

The smile that graced his lips was so moving. He put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. "It's good to have you here."

I stared at the fireplace again from my seat. There was a huge picture hanging above it. "Who is that?" It was a painting of my brother dressed in a white suit and some dark skinned girl with glasses and purple hair. They looked so happy. I thought back and suddenly remembered seeing that picture before only smaller. I had received that same picture before…only smaller…after dad died.

Big brother lowered his head. "She was my fiancée." He paused and looked at me. "Her name is Himemiya…Anthy."

"Oh.." I didn't know what else to say. I was happy when I felt him pull me closer. "What happened to her?"

He sighed. "So we have no family anymore."

I blinked. He just blatantly changed the subject. I let it go. Whoever she was he didn't want to talk about her. "Dad died about seven months ago and my mom's been dead for three years now."

"It looks like your step mother took care of you. I'm sorry I ran out. I…"

I put a finger to his lips. The last time I had seen him was when I had just turned seven. Our father had just remarried my mother. He hated our father for his own reasons. I suppose.

"I sent those letters to get you away from that woman. I pleaded with the President and the Chairman to get you moved out here as soon as possible…as soon as I heard dad died."

That was it. He used to claim that my mother was abusive. I thought about it a little more. I was starting to get angry. I had never had any problems with her. He left me…out of selfishness? I took in a deep breath and lay back on the couch. My head rested square in his lap. I folded my hands behind my head. I didn't want to open up any wounds this evening. It was the first time I had been this close to him in years.

"I remember when you yelled at me for poking you with my training sword." He laughed. "You poked me more than once!" I remembered watching him take Kendo lessons. I would always make fun of him for wearing those strange masks and pants. I was young than.

"So now, you're a martial artist? Have you taken up swordsmanship yet?"

"Why?" I learned to use smaller weapons. I cut myself too many times with long edged weapons.

He looked back at the picture. "No reason."

My jaw dropped. Whoever this Anthy girl was, she was royally pissing me off. What does school work hold for you?" I wanted so desperately to get off my thoughts of her.

"I have a Kendo class tomorrow. So I'll be a little late."

" 'Kay, I don't start teaching until Thursday. Would it be okay if I sat in on your class?"

He was petting my forehead. Suddenly he looked afraid. "You want to what?"

I jumped to my feet fearing that he would dump me onto the floor. "Your Kendo class…Can I watch?"

"NO!!" he barked. It was weird how his left eye began to twitch. It looked like someone had thrown lemon juice into it for a second. The right corner of his mouth was twitching too.

"You okay?!"

"FINE!!…uhm…I'm fine." I had never seen him like this before.

"Are you sure?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

He stretched his arms out and let out a huge yawn. "I guess it's time for bed. G ' night, Uwe." With that he turned and left the room.

I glanced back at the picture one more time. He looked so happy. I loved to see my brother happy. I was always concerned with seeing him happy. Even when I was away from him. I made it a priority to at least dream that he was never unhappy or angry. I had appointed myself his protector.

"Phhhphf…" I put my back to the painting and all that happened this evening and made my way back to my room. Surprisingly it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I passed Saionji's room and peeked inside. He was at a desk writing in some kind of book. I smiled to myself. "Good night." I whispered.

Once inside my room I let my uniform drop. I went into the attached bathroom and took a short hot shower. I wasn't exactly sure what I would be doing in the morning. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. The search for night clothes wasn't nearly as impossible as I thought it would be. Surprisingly my brother's cheering section had set out some of their favorite outfits. Note to self: Pay better attention to baggage

A green nightgown was laid out. It was silk…it was his mother's…I wondered to myself if they knew about the value of it or if they just loved it because of it was a lighter shade of his hair color. I put it on and climbed into bed. At least he was being treated like royalty here.

"She doesn't like me."

"Don't worry about it, Sayo!!"

"They're talking about sending me away!!"

"No, no!! They can't!! I'll protect you, not matter what!!"

I always dreamt like this. They'd been this way for so many years. I never woke up because of them. Hearing the voices over and over again. They started after he disappeared. So this is where you went, Saionji.

Morning came and I crawled out of bed. I got showered in the and put on my Omashi dress uniform. It was a short sleeved, double breasted, black blazer with matching pants. Omashi prided itself on appearance. Since I was a show fighter I was no exception. I turned to head out of my room and noticed a letter and some drawings taped to my door.

School started early at this place I gathered. I was hungry so I decided to eat in the small kitchen that I encountered before I left on my journey. I noticed breakfast sitting on a tiny table so I sat down. He must have left it for me. Judging by it's appearance and the fact that it was cold, it must have been sitting there for a couple hours.

I pulled the letter out and read it.


I called for you a number of times and you never answered. You sleep heavy!!!

Left for morning class. Breakfast on table. Here's a map of this dorm since you get lost easy and a map of the campus.


That was nice of him. I was just about to look at the map when I realized that there was more to the letter. It continued:

The Kendo room has been marked!!! You are NOT to go anywhere near it!!! It's for your own good!!!

I shook my head. I could feel my eyes roll back in their sockets, too. Big Jerk!!!

"Ah, well." I sighed. Slowly I ran my finger along the map in search of the kendo room. I didn't have to look very hard. The whole kendo room was circled in red. It also had a few dozen NO's and BAD's written on it too. He even went so far as to draw in a stick figure of himself pointing away from it.

"Good Grief!!!" I spat. "I hope you realize that I'm extremely curious now."

With map in tow I successfully managed to find my way out of the dorm house. It was refreshing to see all the sunlight and feel the warmth around me. There were so many uniforms running around and playing and talking to one another. So many smiles and study groups…so many friends…

I looked down at my shiny black shoes. My uniform made me stick out like a sore thumb. My teaching days didn't start here until Thursday and my own classes didn't start until next week. I had hoped that I would be able to meet some people.


I almost jumped out of my skin. I spun around. It was that guy from yesterday. The one that Saionji introduced me to.

"Would you like to join me for a walk…Miss Kyouchi?" he asked.

"Oh. It's not Kyouchi. My last name is Tschi. We have the same father but different mothers. You can call me Uwe." I smiled.

"Very well. I prefer people to call me by Mikage." He wrapped his arm around mine and we were off on our walk.

Something about his looks seemed different. I ran my eyes up and down him. "You look different."

He wasn't wearing glasses and instead of that purple suit he was wearing a black uniform top with a red trim and tan pants. He looked so handsome. His attire reminded me of all those story book princes my mother told me about in fairy tales.

"Hmm." He purred. "I have a seminar to teach later today for the Student Council."


"Your brother will be attending." His voice was so appealing. It was deep. It seemed so old for someone with his looks. I blushed. He was so attractive.

"That's right…" I trailed. "He is the Vice President of the student council…" I was becoming jealous.

Mikage offered a sweet smile and squeezed my captured elbow against his side. I was having a hard time believing that this same person was the one that gave me chills when I first arrived. "I'm sure you'll be part of it soon." The smile disappeared.

We had walked for several minutes without saying anything to each other. "This is the building where I conduct my seminars. I also conduct…wellness…sessions with students that are having a hard time with school stress and outside issues…like friends or family."

I looked at the building he was talking about. It looked like it was about three stories tall and it seemed kind of "slim" for an actual building. It kind of reminded me of a house from a horror movie that I saw during my brief stay in the US. I almost expected to see someone sitting in a rocking chair gazing out at me. Just then I noticed movement in one of the black windows. I shook my head. It was seeming like some kind of cliché all of a sudden.

"You'll hear some horror stories about this building later. One hundred students did lose their lives here. They were all trapped inside and burned to death."

"Okay." Now I was staring to get the chills again.

He looked at me and gave me a childish smile. "That was decades ago. I just like to teach here because it's a good conversation starter for my wellness sessions."

He gently nudged me to continue our strange walk.

A few feet away, I saw an object with the most brilliant pink in it. It was a girl with long pink hair. She was sitting with…

Mikage and I were about ten feet away. There was another girl next to the pink haired one. It was the girl that my brother had been engaged to. She looked up before her friend did. It was strange. It was almost as if she could sense us.

"You're Himemiya." I said as I pointed to the purple haired girl with glasses.

"Yes." Her voice seemed so distant and unemotional.

"This is Anthy." Said the pink haired girl. "I'm Utena." She held her hand out to me.

This was the girl that so many seemed to admire. She seemed friendly enough. I accepted her hand. "I'm Uwe."

Utena had the most beautiful blue eyes. They could put the bluest of oceans to shame, I was willing to bet.

"This is Mikage." I felt kind of silly introducing him. The girls and my walking companion had been at this school longer than I had. He just nodded at them.

"I know who you are." Said Himemiya. Her gaze was focused on me.

"You do?!" Asked Utena.

"Yes." Anthy nodded and smiled.

"Who is she?" her friend asked.

Anthy's eyes closed. It was kind of cute to see this type of smile. She cocked her head to the side. "I can't tell you, Lady Utena. I promised not to tell. I didn't expect to see you so soon. Nice to meet you." She sang.

"Lady?" I questioned and looked at the pink haired girl. "Such a formal title."

Utena winced. "I know." She said as she began to scratch the back of her head. "I've been trying to get her to call me just 'Utena'. Are you new here?"

"I just got here yesterday. I was transferred here from the Omashi school. I'll be teaching Martial Arts classes and I'll be taking regular classes too."

"Sounds like you've got a full plate!! I don't think I could ever keep up with a schedule like that!!"

"Miss Utena is in all the athletics clubs. She's their star player." I never figured out how someone could go on smiling like Anthy could.

"Maybe you'd like to stop by sometime. My classes will be starting soon."

"I'd like that." Utena nodded. She suddenly looked around. "How rude of me!! Would you like to sit with me and Anthy?"

I looked at my companion. Mikage tilted his head. "It's up to you."

I never got a chance to say or do anything. The four of us were interrupted by four more girls. "You're that girl from the bus." Said one girl.

"Isn't that right, Miss Nanami?!" said another.

Nanami? I studied the faces of the three girls. There she was. The blonde girl with the Student Council brother. "That's right." she nodded. "You deserve to be with us." She grabbed my free arm and pulled Mikage and I away from Utena and Anthy.

"I'm sorry. Maybe next time!!" I shouted as the two girls began to vanish in the distance.

"Bye, bye!!" Anthy waved as Utena scowled. "That Nanami girl!!!"

Mikage stopped. I suddenly felt like I was going to be ripped in half by Nanami and her steady pace. "Is something wrong?" I asked him.

"I need to leave you now. It's almost time for my interview. I look forward to seeing you at the seminar, Miss Nanami." That stopped her.

"Oh, Mr. Mikage it's always a pleasure!!!" Nanami smiled.

He turned to me. "Miss Tschi, If you have any problems feel free to bring them to me. You won't need an appointment since you have family on the Student Council. My door will be open to you." With those words he walked off leaving me Nanami and her friends.

"He's a little strange." Said one girl.

"He's real smart too." Said the second girl.

"Not my type." Said the third girl.

"You have a relative here?!" Nanami barked. She dropped my arm and wiggled a finger at me.

I was taken aback by this sudden change of attitude. "Yes. My brother."

"Who's your brother?" The four chanted with their hands on their hips.

"Could it be Miki?" They asked.


"It's not Juri!!"


"It's not my brother!!"

"Of course not Miss Nanami!!"

I was going to have to ask Nanami about her brother's name, one of these days.

Nanami put a finger to her lips and shut her right eye. "It can't be Sai…"

"My brother is Saionji. He's my older brother." I said and gave her a huge smile.

Everyone was in shock. It was kind of funny. Their jaws were wide open as they stood there staring at me.

After a couple seconds the silence was broken by one of Nanami's friends. "You poor girl."

"That's why no one else knows around this school, huh?"

Uwe keep your cool. I kept telling myself. I wasn't really sure if they knew how offensive they were being.

I wanted to say something so bad, or at least throw a couple punches but I was caught in the middle of a stampede. Every girl and a flock of guys were suddenly heading towards us. I was beginning to hate getting caught up in human typhoons.

"It's a duel!"

"They're going at it again!!"


"Touga and Saionji!!"

"They're waiting in the Kendo room!!"

"Who's going to win this time?"

All these people were heading to the room that my brother had instructed me to stay away from. I couldn't resist the temptation. I had to find out about that Touga person who was going to be fighting my brother.

"Big Brother!!" Nanami squealed as she grabbed my arm again. "Come on!!"

Who was I to argue?

I was surprised to see that my brother didn't paint the outside of the room itself red or put up any anti-Uwe signs. As expected there were people everywhere. Getting through the crowd was easy. Nanami's crew had pushed their way through. It kind of looked like the parting of the Red Sea, when they were done. Utena and Anthy were there also. Anthy waved while Utena just looked on. I had a feeling that she was as curious as I was about what was going on.

The kendo room was dark with the exception of a path of light that illuminated the two combatants. My brother had his hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing his hakama. The other man had his back to me. His hair was long and…

I found myself having flashbacks. I remembered the stampede of girls swarming to that brilliant red hair. I suddenly wanted to see more. I didn't want to risk getting caught by Saionji though. I couldn't ever recall disobeying him before. I couldn't see why he would want to keep me away from here though. What did he think he was protecting me from?

Saionji's opponent slowly raised his head. Next thing I knew he was looking right at me. His face was so majestic. I was trembling. He smiled at me. How did he know I was here? Did he know who I was?

I could feel myself start to blush. Was Saionji watching? No. My brother was looking over at Anthy.

"Hit him hard Big Brother!!!" Nanami shouted.

"Beat him Touga!!" shouted a couple guys behind me.

That was Touga? The Touga that was Nanami's big brother? The Touga who was the Student Council President?

Touga turned his attention back to Saionji. That smile never left his face. The two moved to position themselves and sized each other up. In a flash it was over. My brother went high while the President went low. It was over so quickly. I didn't have enough time to blink. Saionji's sword had stopped just above Touga's head. Touga's sword had stopped an inch from my brother's stomach.

"Good job, Big Brother!!" Nanami yelled and started to jump up and down.

Saionji looked angry. It was true. Our family was full of competitive hotheads. He spat some words at Nanami's brother. I couldn't hear them over the roar of the crowd. Touga had said something back but I didn't have time to stick around. Saionji was surveying the crowd and I didn't want to get caught by him just yet. I bolted out of there as fast as I could. Utena and Anthy had left too. They were up the hall a ways.

I couldn't believe the type of day I was having. Saionji and I both had friends. I ended up walking home. They seemed to be so evenly matched.

Saionji had always loved Kendo. He was the one that got me interested in the martial arts to begin with. I wanted to be strong just like him. At my old academy, there was more of an emphasis on school work and fighting. Kendo didn't really have a place at that school so I never had any experience with it. I was happy that my brother had found his niche and could share it with someone like the President.

I skipped into my little kitchen and suddenly realized that I never cleaned up my mess from earlier.

"Eeew…" I scraped the plates off into the trash and set about washing them. I looked at a wall clock. It was rather late in the day. Saionji would be home soon. I was starving. All that excitement had caused me to forget about eating.

I ran into the living area and stretched out on the couch. I didn't feel like sparring or running kata.

"Uwe, I'm home!!"

"Saionji!!" I vaulted over the couch to greet him. He gave me a tight hug.

"How was your day?"

"I got to meet some new people. I like that Utena girl she seems nice enough…"

He was wincing again.

"…and Anthy is such a pretty girl."

He was smiling now.

"Mikage took me on a walk earlier too."

Saionji dropped his arms. "Mikage…"

"Yeah. He said he had a seminar to teach but he would be willing to help me if I ever had any problems."

"Don't get too excited about him, Uwe." His voice was so emotionless now. "He's not someone you should be too close to."


He turned and started to walk around the couch. "Did you meet anyone else?"

I smiled and hugged myself. "Just so!!!" I shouted.

He looked at me. He looked so shocked. "I saw Touga's little sister, Nanami, and her friends. We…"

I didn't even notice him walking around the couch. He was standing right in front of me scowling. "Uwe, what did you say?"

"I saw Nanami and her friends…"

He wasn't buying it. "The other name. Where did you hear that name?"

"I heard it from Nanami. She said it was her brother's name and she told me that he was the Student Council President."

He sat down. "You didn't go to the Kendo room did you?"

"Nope." I lied. I stretched out on the couch and rested my head on his lap. "Who's Touga? Why do you seem to hate him?"

"I don't really hate him." He started to rub my shoulder. "He's been my friend for a long time. I met him after…well…"

He never told me about Touga before. I had been around him while he and Touga had been friends, I supposed, and he had never mentioned it to anyone. The first time I heard that name was from Nanami.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked. "Why keep him a secret for so long?"

I sat up.

"Uwe, I just didn't want you to get hurt. Touga Kiryuu has the reputation of being a playboy. He likes to play around with girls. I just didn't want him to get his hands on you."

"Oh." My stomach started to growl.

"Have you eaten anything?"

I shook my head.

Saionji cooked up a quick dinner, which was a welcome thing, and I went off to bed. Again I passed Saionji's open bedroom door and again he was writing in the little book. I was determined to find out what it was he was writing about.

I waited until I saw the light in his room go out. Controlling my breathing and taking great care so as not to make the floor creak below me, I walked into his room. I opened up a random page of his book. There was enough moonlight coming through the window that allowed me to read. It had a passage written by Anthy in it. What was he doing with Anthy's book. I flipped another page. It didn't occur to me what I had until I saw a passage written by Saionji himself. I had in my hands an exchange diary. He was so passionate in his writing to her. "Aww, big brother's in love."

"Yes he is."


"Go back to bed!!!"

I could feel him standing over me. I kissed him on the cheek and ran out. It was kind of cute to know that he was that interested in Anthy. What bothered me was her writing. It seemed so empty. I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I decided not to tell him what I thought.

The morning started out the same. Saionji was off to class long before I woke up. The only difference this time was no good morning letter and no notice to stay away from the Kendo room. I decided to wear the outfit I was going to teach in. It consisted of short sleeved navy blue jacket and a matching pair of tight fitting shorts. I gathered my hair and put a red and gold hair band around it. He made breakfast again…When was he going to learn about my habit of sleeping in. I emptied the cold contents of the plates and ran out to begin my last day of freedom.

Mikage was no where in sight, as I left the dorm house. I was developing a little bit of a crush on him. I walked on in my dress uniform. Did this place always have such nice sunny weather? Since I first came here it was sunny and warm.

Utena and Anthy were at the same location that I had noticed them when I was with Mikage. There was a brown haired girl with a pony tail with them. Utena motioned for me to join them.

"Uwe, come sit with us!!!"

"Alright!!" I knelt down beside the new girl. She had the biggest brown eyes and was rather plain compared to Anthy, Utena and myself. I found her to be rather…cute.

The brown haired girl was glaring at me. "Wakaba, what's wrong?" asked Utena.

She looked at Utena and than back at me. Her eyes were rather shifty looking all of a sudden. "You're supposed to be my Prince, Utena. Don't tell me you've ditched me for that girl?!"

Ditched? Was she in love with Utena? It didn't matter to me. I had heard somewhere…maybe it was from one of my favorite anime…"You can't help who you fall in love with." I for one wasn't sure who I was in love with yet.

I felt the urge to reveal my complete identity to the group. I took a deep breath. I looked into Wakaba's eyes. "My name is Uwe Tschi. I'm the little sister of the Student Council's Vice President…"

"Lord Saionji?!" She screamed.

The sound of her wailing was killing my ears. Yet another female fan of my brother. "That is so cool!!!" She clasped her hands together over her heart. "Pleased to meet you!!!" She grabbed my hand and shook it vigorously. I was amazed that she hadn't snapped my wrist.

"Uwe is teaching martial arts classes here at the academy." Said Utena

"You fight?" She was extremely curious.

"I was one of the top show fighters at my old school." I nodded.

"Will your brother be going to? You don't really look like him y'know?"

"I take more after my mother." I blushed. "But he really is my older brother."

Wakaba's eyes grew wider. "Wait a minute!!" She covered my face with her hand. "You've got his chin!!"

I just stood there dazed as she removed her hand. She was happy and cute so I decided to stay quiet. Utena and Anthy seemed to be getting a laugh too. I was beginning to like this school. I noticed something moving around Anthy's shoe.

It was gray and it had large mouse-like ears. I moved in closer. "Uhm…Anthy. What is that?" I poked it in the forehead.

"That's Chu-chu." Said Utena.

"He's my best friend." Anthy smiled.

"Chu-chu is always around Anthy." Said Wakaba.

"Chu-chu, this is Uwe. She's Saionji's little sister." Said Anthy.

The little creature eyed me suspiciously and sniffed the air. "Chu!" it said and stuck a tiny hand out to me. I looked at Anthy curiously. What did it want?

She nodded at me. "I think Chu-chu is happy to meet you."

I stuck a finger out. The little creature grabbed my finger and shook it up and down. I guess this was it's equivalent to a handshake. "Pleased to meet you."

"Chu!" It said in reply.

"I never saw you in any of the pictures my brother sent me."

The creature dropped my finger and stuck its tongue out. I blinked for a second.

"Saionji and Chu-chu don't like each other, Lady Uwe."

Lady Uwe? "It's just Uwe." I politely corrected Anthy. She smiled and nodded at me.

I just smiled for a second and thought to myself…What did my brother see in her again? She seems kind of air headed.

"Utena, and Wakaba got to their feet while Anthy collected Chu-chu. We'd better get to class." Said Utena.

"Okay than. I'll see you later."

The girls left. I decided to walk down one of the long hallways inside the school. I was fascinated by the architecture. So many pillars.

As I walked I saw a shadow of a man standing by one of the columns. He was looking out a window. There was no one else around. He was rather tall and he looked to be older than the rest of the students. I was extremely nervous so I just kept walking. I got about twenty feet away when I heard someone yell. "Excuse me miss!"

I jumped and looked behind me. The man had left. Was he one of the ghosts that some kids at my old school had mentioned. I turned back and was about to continue forward when my face struck something. I bumped rather hard. I found myself stumbling backwards. Great job, Uwe, this is a really good way to meet people. I suddenly realized I had run into someone's chest. I was unable to keep my balance and fell on my ass. A hand came into view.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you."

I accepted the hand up. The vision before me was beautiful. I was greeted by a warm smiling man with long red hair. He was dressed all in white with the exception of two pinstripes on one sleeve. I couldn't help but blush and stare.

"Uhm…" really good, Uwe, surprise him with your wit. Words were failing me. What could I do or say. I shook off part of my nervousness. "Kiryuu…Touga…You…You're Nanami's older brother."

He nodded. "Yes. I am Touga. I saw you in the audience yesterday. You're new here."

"Uh." I scratched the back of my head. "Yeah. I'm Uwe. I'm going to be an instructor here." I was getting better at words.

"That's not all." He winked at me.

I looked left and looked right furiously. What did he mean by that?

"You look familiar somehow."

"Uhh…I do?"

"I could never forget such a pretty face." He started to lean closer to me. He still had a hold of my hand, which was pressed firmly against his chest. I was starting to tremble. What was going on?


I was relieved. Saionji was heading toward Touga and myself at full tilt. He was dressed rather elegantly. I assumed that he was wearing his student council uniform. "I can't leave you alone for five minutes!" He hissed and grabbed my hand from Touga. I wasn't sure who he was talking about.

"Why Saionji? Such a reaction…" The Student Council President ran a hand through his hair and put his other hand to his hip. "Who is she?" He winked at me again.

"This is my little sister. She's from the Omashi Academy in Amsterdam. She just transferred here a couple days ago." My brother sounded rather defensive.

"You kept such a lovely creature hidden from me for all these years."

"You're the one with the playboy reputation here. I'm not going to let her become like all the others." Barked my brother.

"Is that how you talk to your only friend?" There was a mocking tone to his voice.

"Bah. Friendship? Let's go, Uwe. I found out where your classes are going to be held."

"My classes?" My eyes were still fixed on the Student Council President. Saionji was almost dragging me.

"We'll meet again, Uwe." He was so handsome. He blew me a kiss before he put his hands in his pockets and watched my brother haul me away.

I was having a hard time keeping up with his maddened pace. You never told him about me?"




That did it. Time to put the brakes on. I stomped my feet down and wriggled my way out. "Why?!" I demanded. "I can protect myself. I'm a big girl!" I suddenly felt like a two year old arguing with an adult.

My brother put a hand to my forehead and pushed back a couple strands of hair. "You're my baby sister and I don't want to see you hurt. I told you all this before." He paused and scratched his head. "Besides, If you get pissed off and hit him you stand a good chance of getting the both of us expelled."

That was an awkward way of looking at it. I looked into his eyes and shrugged.

I don't remember how long we had walked. I was amazed at how large my classroom was, when we finally got there. It wasn't that much different from the Kendo area. It was lit a little better though. There was more of my gear too. I whistled as I looked around. I was standing in the center of heaven. There were stools lining the walls. A huge chalkboard was on a wall just a couple inches from one of three large windows. It felt good to have someone experience this with me.

"Show me what you've got."

"Huh?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Since I got here, Saionji had never showed any interest in my abilities.

"Let's spar a little"

"Don't you have any classes?"

"They're done for the day. Come on!" He took up a fighting stance.

"Okay." I said.

I threw a couple punches to get things going. My form was looking beautiful. He countered with a couple kicks and some punches of his own. I had no idea how long we were playing. He was pretty good. He moved so smoothly. He stopped suddenly. I almost ended up hitting him.

"What?" I was getting concerned. He pointed to something behind me. There were so many students lined up watching us fight. The room erupted in cheers and whistles. All I could do to hide my embarrassment was bow and wave. I was pretty sweaty and so was Saionji.

"Hey Saionji!" Someone shouted. "Who's that?"

He had that proud look on his face. "This is my little sister, Uwe. She's going to be instructing this class tomorrow.

I heard so many mumbles and inside conversations. I wasn't used to being seen by so many people.

"Where do we sign up?" Asked a couple students. All other questions different variations of that one.

I was so excited. I saw Touga standing in the doorway. He waved to me before he walked out. I kind of wished Mikage had been there to see me. I turned my attention back to my crowd. "I have enrollment slips posted out in front of the chairman's office for those interested in signing up. I'm going to be teaching classes three times a day morning afternoon and evening. I hope to see you all there."

My brother and I waited until everyone left before we headed for home. I was looking forward to so many people knowing who I was.

I was a little disappointed that Utena and her friends weren't there. I had to accept that there were still classes going on and Mikage had his seminars to teach. At least my brother had shown interest. I wasn't quite sure if his friend showing up was such a good idea.

Upon getting home I just kissed my brother on the cheek and said goodnight. I was in a hurry to get rested up for my first day of being an instructor. I forgot to check in on Saionji to see if he was writing again.

In the morning, I was ready to go. I was actually up before my brother. I gathered up some of my favorite exotic weapons and made sure to push open Saionji's door. "Wake up!!" I shouted. As I ran down the stairs I heard him moaning and a pillow came flying out. I wasn't affected in the least. I had all my teaching schedules figured out. I ran into my kitchen and noticed three envelopes on my tiny table. One was for me. The second was for my brother and I and the third one was just marked EOTW in fancy writing.

"We've got mail too!!!" I found it a little odd to get mail this early in the morning. Than it dawned on me. Saionji went to bed around the same time I did. The doors were locked, and we were the only ones that lived in this dorm house. How did the letters get here? I looked at the one marked EOTW and tried to figure out what was in it.

"What do you mean 'mail'?" Saionji had made his way down the stairs. I giggled shamelessly at him. He was barefoot and bare-chested. He only had white pajama bottoms on. He stretched and yawned. As I tried to hide my blushing.

"You've got something from an EOTW? Who or what is that?"

He snatched the envelope out of my hand. "Did you open it?"

"No." I was so confused. "Why?"

"What are those?" He was pointing at the other letters. "Open them!"

I was beginning to get scared. "Okay." I picked up the envelope addressed to me and opened it. It was from Mikage. I remembered Saionji's reaction when I first mentioned my walk with the pink haired professor. "It's concerning my classes. It's my latest schedule." I lied to him. I hoped that he wouldn't ask me about what was really written. I just folded the letter and pushed it into my jacket pocket. I decided that I would read it later.

Saionji was noticeably calming down. "What's the other one?"

I was wondering that myself. I opened up the envelope for the both of us. It was an invitation to go to a party. "It's from…" The invitation had a little picture of the Student Council President on it. It was a picture of him winking.

"It's an invitation to Touga's birthday party, isn't it?" He sat down at the table and buried his head in his arms.

What was so wrong with going to a birthday party? "I think it's a nice gesture." I said happily.

"Than you can go if you want." He snorted at me.

"Fine, I will. It's tomorrow. I've only got two classes scheduled for the day before and after the party."

"I'm going to go get cleaned up. We still have a couple hours before we need to be anywhere."

I nodded to him as he left. He had the EOTW thing with him. I opened up my letter and read it.


I'm sorry that I wasn't able to see you before your classes started. I wanted to wish you luck with them as well as warn you about some events that will be transpiring in the days to come. I have the feeling that you will be needing someone to reach out to and would like to re-extend my invitation to you. My schedule has become a little hectic as of late so I will not be as visible.

Sohji Mikage

"Sohji." I whispered. "That's a nice, dignified name." I couldn't help but wonder what he meant. I looked at the invitation from Touga and smiled. I was definitely going to be there.

Hours later Saionji and I were off to school. He was in his student council uniform and I was in my Omashi jacket and shorts. When we were outside my classroom he kissed me on the forehead and wished me luck before he went to his own classes. I practiced my Kata as I waited for my new students. I still had a few minutes.

One by one they entered. Utena's friend, Wakaba, was there. I smiled and gave her a small wave. In this class I gave a small history lesson of the Martial Arts and took measurements for gear that they would need as well as uniforms.

It was a half hour class. The students were so nice and attentive. I could have sworn that I had seen three of the male members of Nanami's cheering section there. They seemed to mirror each other exactly with their actions. They seemed to be perfectly synchronized. The other two classes flew right by as well. I had a couple repeating students from the morning and afternoon classes that decided to show for the evening class too.

The evening of the party arrived and I was a happy Uwe. I had rummaged through all my clothes and found the perfect dress to wear. I pulled out a dress that would have made my brother have a heart attack. It was a small halter dress with a deep "v" plunging neck line and a short skirt. I put it on with a pair of flat shoes and ran out. I wasn't going to wait and see if Saionji would come along. I wanted to mingle.

One of Nanami's friends answered the door and smiled. "Welcome." She said.

The party was quite spectacular. Everyone was there except for Mikage and Saionji. Utena and Anthy approached me. Anthy handed me a drink The dress that she wore looked kind of like it was made out of a curtain. Where was Nanami?

"What do you think of the school?" asked Utena. She was such a friendly girl.

"I'm still trying to get used to it." I answered.

"Where's Lord Saionji?"

I took a sip of my drink. Lord? Lady? I was happy that she asked about Saionji anyway.

"He was invited too." I took another sip.

Utena smiled at me and poked at my shoulder. "I never thought I'd see you in a dress."

That was kind of funny. Neither would my brother. "You look great."

"Thanks." I searched the room until my eyes finally came to rest on the birthday boy.

Touga Kiryuu was seated in a fancy chair in between two other members of the student council.

"Uhm, Utena who are those people?" I assumed by the uniforms they were part of the student council. One of them was around my age and the other one, a girl, looked to be a bit older. She had strawberry blonde hair with the loveliest curls. I was almost willing to bet she was a model or had some modeling experience. I was willing to flush any chances of my ever getting to know Touga down the drain.

Utena looked over at where I was pointing. "The boy with the blue hair is Miki. He's a bit of a genius. He's a great piano player and he's part of the fencing team. The girl on the other side of Touga is Juri. She's the captain of the fencing team. They're both on the student council."

"Oh." I suddenly remembered that there was something that I needed to do. I left Utena and Anthy and went to where Touga was seated.

I bowed to him. "Happy birthday, mister President. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to bring a gift but I thought a birthday greeting would be good. My brother said that he'll be a little late but he wishes you a happy birthday too."

He leaned forward a little bit and smiled at me, much like he did when he was in the Kendo studio dueling my brother. "Thank you. You're too cute."

I couldn't help myself. I broke out blushing. Miki had nodded at me and Juri had a nasty scowl. What was their problem? I bowed again and excused myself. He was so handsome. "Who is her brother?" I heard Juri ask.

"Don't you know?" Touga answered, "She is Saionji's little sister."

I didn't bother to look at the shock in their faces. I could only imagine.

Time passed and I noticed Anthy, Touga and Utena go outside. I stayed inside with the other guests while I watched. Nanami was outside too. They all seemed to be in the middle of some kind of argument. The next thing I know Touga is saying something to Utena and is placing a ring on Nanami's finger at the same time. I wasn't able to get a good look at the ring but I was curious. My brother wore a ring on his finger but I just assumed it was just his engagement ring. Yet something else I needed to ask him about.

I left the party with the rest of the guests. I was anxious to get back to bed.

I didn't know it yet but I was going to learn a great deal about my brother. I was going to learn first hand about his temper and how much he cared for Anthy.

My classes went by quickly. I taught my students a few self defense maneuvers before giving them a lecture about kata. I had partnered up with Wakaba that day for a little sparring lesson. She was a fun girl. We worked on take downs together…unfortunately she was the one that was usually falling down.

I went home and saw Saionji with a letter in his hand. He looked so happy.

"What's up?" I asked.

He quickly stuffed his letter in his pocket. "I've just received some good news." He messed up my hair and turned to leave the kitchen.

"Good news, huh? Like what?"

He just looked back at me. "You'll see."

What kind of answer was that?!

About an hour had passed and I heard a phone ringing. It was coming from the living room. I hollered for my brother but I got no answer from him. I ran into the room and found the phone.


There was silence for a couple seconds and than someone spoke. "Is Saionji there?" The voice was deep and quite attractive.

"I yelled for him but I didn't get an answer so he might be asleep."

"He's on his way to the forest behind the academy. You may want to go to him." The voice said.

"That place is supposed to be off limits. That's what he told me anyway?" The person on the other end hung up.

I called out for my brother one more time and ran out into the darkness. I had to stop him before he got in trouble. What was he doing out here anyway? I paused for a couple seconds. Did this have something to do with the letter he was reading? Did it have something to do with that EOTW?

I don't know how long I ran. I was almost out of breath and about to just head home when I caught a glimpse of my brother. Anthy was there too.

The two of them were standing next to some giant statue. It looked like a huge statue of a dove. I ran over to them to get a better view. The huge sculpture lifted up to reveal some kind of doorway.

I watched as my brother grabbed Anthy by the wrist. She yelled in pain. Anthy was yelling something about not being allowed there. I also caught something about duels. I can't remember how many times he hit her. He was so gentle to me. I couldn't believe that this was how he was acting. I couldn't stand it anymore.

As soon as I got close enough, I tapped him on the shoulder. "What the hell do you think you're doing to her?" I shouted.

He spun around. It was obvious he was shocked.

I grabbed Anthy's free arm and flung her behind me. I heard her feet scamper as she struggled to keep her balance. I honestly didn't care too much for that girl but no one deserved to be treated the way he was treating her.

"Get away from here!!" I yelled to her while still keeping an eye on my brother.

"Uwe?!" His voice sounded strange. There was anger burning in his eyes. I stood my ground as bravely as I could.

Suddenly he did something I never thought he would do to his own flesh and blood. He punched me. I backpedaled and accidentally knocked Anthy down as I tried to stay on my feet.

I put a hand to my face. It hurt real bad. "I don't know what's going on but I do know that this is not how you tell someone you love them!!!"

He was walking toward me. No one hits me and gets away with it, no matter who they are! I crouched low and drove the palms of my hands into his hips. He was driven back a few inches. I didn't give him a chance to recover. I delivered a left hook that connected with his face, knocking him unconscious. He hit the ground hard.

I was in awe that I had the ability to take someone down like that. Unfortunately the guilt of hitting someone that I loved and vowed to protect was already eating away at me. I could feel tears start to form.

"Go on! Get of here!!" I shouted to Anthy. I put a hand to my throbbing cheek.

She looked at me with puzzlement and concern. She had her arms outstretched. She was the last person I wanted to come near me.

I waved her back. "Go!!"

She turned and started to run through the doorway in the statue. I had expected her to run the other way. I was beyond caring about her. I couldn't believe that my own brother would hit me. I couldn't control the tears anymore. I noticed Utena running this way. I didn't feel like standing around chit chatting. I didn't even bother to try and figure out what she was doing out here at this hour anyway. Maybe she could help Saionji when he came to.

I ran home and flung myself on the couch. The tears just kept pouring out. All I could think about was Saionji and how much I must have hurt him. I was younger and smaller than him but I always felt that I had a special power. I had the ability to keep him from harm…

That power had suddenly vanished. It was replaced by wet spots on my wrists and damp spaces on the couch where my tears had run over. I held back the torrent and managed to raise my head. The image that confronted me said it all. It was the reason why my brother, who despite years of separation was still held close to my heart, acted the way he did towards me. It was that damn purple haired girl.

I glared at that portrait before I decided to go into the kitchen and get a glass of juice. The only clean glass I could find was a long stemmed wine glass. I ne

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