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Final Fantasy VII: Reverie (Chapter One) Birth


It was something that happened naturally in life. Children were born everyday to new families. In this case it was a rarity. The parents of this newborn child were of a very special nature. Their blood was mixed with a strong chemical called Mako. This little girl’s parents were part of Shinra’s top army. They were SOLDIERs.

The birth of her daughter hadn't been all that painful due to the blood that flowed through her veins. She was relieved when the fragile child was put into her arms. She wasn't born a monster like some of the other children.

"She's beautiful." Said her husband as he leaned over her. "She's got her mother's eyes."

SOLDIER First Class Reann Thompson smiled. The child in her arms was silent. Both of them were exhausted. She was proud that her brother had been able to grant the couple some time off so they could be with their new arrival. She just wished that he could be with them to see his niece.

SOLDIER First Class Tres Thompson kissed his wife on the forehead. He straightened the collar of his shirt. "Uhmm. She's human. Right, doc?"

Reann shifted her child in one arm and punched her husband with the other. "Tres Thompson, how dare you!"

The head of the Shinra science department walked over and studied the child. He took out a tiny piece of yellow paper from his lab coat and put it in the infant’s mouth. "This should tell us what we need to know."

After waiting a couple seconds he removed it and studied it. It was now green in color.

"What does it say?" Asked the father of the child.

"Other than the fact that she's got Mako in the blood stream. I'd say you've got a healthy baby girl."

The happy couple huddled together as another man in a lab coat entered the room.

"So how is the happy couple?" asked the man as he closed the door behind him.

"They're doing just fine, Professor."

"Professor Hojo, this is SOLDIER First Class Tres Thompson and his wife SOLDIER First Class Reann Thompson."

"Professor Gast has told me so much about you. From what I can see on your faces I trust the child is healthy. That's a wonderful thing in this day and age. Professor what is the gender of the child?"

Professor Gast was known, as a fun loving man who’s outside life was a private one. It was said that he and Hojo were participants in an experiment halfway across the planet. The details were very sketchy and it was said that the experiment was a success even though half of its crew never made it back to Midgar. He was a short man with light brown hair and a well-kept mustache. Gast walked over to the infant still in her mother's arms. "It's a girl."

"Congratulation's." beamed Hojo. "It's a rare thing to see such a beautiful little child." He reached out to the child and looked at Reann. "May I?"

Reann Thompson smiled and handed the child to him.

Hojo held the girl in his arms. He put one of his fingers to her eye and lifted the eyelid. "Such a strange coloring. They are *ahem* Mako eyes but such a strange tint."

Gast approached and looked at the child's eyes. "They're green. They're such a beautiful green too."

Tres Thompson straightened up. "What's wrong with her eyes?"

Hojo tipped his glasses. "It's nothing really. The good doctor and I have only seen a couple other cases of children being born with Mako blood and green eyes. I assure that besides her eye color she is a perfectly normal little girl."

There was a squeaking noise as the door began to open. Everyone turned to look and see who was there.

"I'll be right back." Said Professor Gast as he headed towards the door. Gast walked out of the room. The look on his face told the others that he knew what was on the other side of the door.

Hojo smiled slightly. "You're about to meet one of the other green-eyed children. He too is very special." The smile faded quickly as Hojo continued to talk. "He's seven years old. He was born in Nibelheim and an orphan at that. The good doctor and I rescued him and brought him back here."

The SOLDIERs looked at each other. Tres Thompson opened his mouth but fell silent when Professor Gast reentered the room. He had a child in tow. The little boy had pale white skin and was dressed in a green t-shirt and black shorts. The child was still pudgy which told his youth but his hair was almost silver in color and his eyes were a glowing aquamarine.

Hojo handed the baby back to her mother and approached the child. He squatted to look the little boy in the eye. "Sephiroth, what are you doing way out here?"

The child frowned as Hojo reached forward to sweep the child's hair out of his eyes. "I heard there's someone new here."

Hojo stood up and pointed over to newborn child still in the arms of her mother.

Professor Gast knelt next to Sephiroth. "It's a little baby."

The little boy put his hands to his head began to rough his hair up. A large smile could be seen on his face as he walked over to the newborn's family. "Hi!" he said happily.

"Hello." Reann smiled. Tres nodded at the boy.

The boy walked in front of the man and leaned over the side of the bed to view the infant. "Wow!" he turned to Hojo, "what is it?"

"It's a baby." Said Tres slowly. The silver haired child turned to face him. An angry frown graced the fragile little face and was quickly replaced by a large toothy smile. "I know." the boy said at last. In the brief moment before the boy smiled Tres could almost see a burning anger in those aquamarine eyes.

Reann put her hand on the boys shoulder. "It's a little girl."

The boy shook his head wildly. "A girl!" he gasped. "I'm a boy." His smile grew wider as he threw his arms out to his sides. "I've got a girlfriend."

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