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Been A Long Time Since I've Done Anything Here

I've really been writing up a storm, thanks to a friend of mine.

I've got some small issues still going on in my little mind.

...anyway...there's this song that's on it's 60th loop right now. It actually inspired me to write more for the other Final Fantasy VII fanfiction I have. The song is called Party To Damascus and it's by Wyclef Jean and Missy Elliott. Gawds, I love it!!!

Well, here's what I have so far. For all intents and purposes it's called Visit To The Honey Bee Inn Part Three (for now anyway) If you've read any of my stories and hit upon the one called Reverie...which I think I need to include more of here...(story pimper here)-what you see still will count as a generic chapter since I'm writing Reverie when ever I come up with ideas that might relate to it. I'm writing it from the inside out-if that makes sense...

Well, anyway, here's what I've got: (I haven't used a spell check or grammar check on it-it's fresh off the top of my little head and I'm trying to synch it to the song mentioned above to make it even better)

Lights went out and Leira stood in the darkness. They wanted her to do what? She looked both ways and twirled around. That strange man was looking at her with a wry smile.
The music hit her like a ton of bricks. All she could do was shake her hips back and forth than side to side. She lifted her left leg and spun around on an extended toe.
The audience of men cheered as they watched her semi-covered breasts shift from side to side with the power of her spin.
She did three more twirls before she snatched a fan from one of the dancers behind a nearby curtain.
After flipping the fan in the air three times she dropped to the ground in a wide split.
The men cheered with the exception of three men. They must be working with Shinra or at least know her. One of them seemed quietly horrified by the split and her recover. As if on a string, her ankles slid together and she lifted off the ground.
Leira rotated the fan and tossed it into the air while kicking out her right leg.
Her white boots were chafing her calves but she couldn’t stop.
Spin backwards on the left foot…swing right arm toward the left…snap wrist up high and drop steadily. All her movements reminded her of a kata she once watched one of the Wutai soldiers do.
The fan was caught and another spin to the right followed along with a sharp left side kick.
Jody was watching her as well as the other two. The satyr played on and Leira moved with the twanging beat.
The trainee backed her way to him and rubbed her backside against his knees. Jody tried his best not to watch the bottom of her exposed buttocks, for the sake of his happy marriage. The black boy-cut panties she was dancing in didn’t conceal a lot of skin. As discreetly as he could he slapped her left thigh. The next thing he knew she parted her legs and sat down in his lap.
“So, you saw them too?” Leira said as she leaned back against his body and wrapped her arms behind his head.
“Uhmm…” Jody gulped as he felt her rub against that most sensitive area between his legs. “Yeah…” He was glad that his partner seemed to be oblivious to the change in his body temperature and heart rate.
“I think I know one of them…I’ll be back!” she whispered in his ear and bit him on the neck.
The older gentlemen took a sip of his beer and nodded to his companion. Leira tried her best to figure them out but her memories seemed to not be cooperating with her. She danced, anyway. Slowly getting closer and closer.
Once the older man was in range she kicked up her right leg and rested her ankle on his left shoulder. All the stretching exercises she had done in her youth paid off that night as she dipped her hips to meet his.
The music was in full control. With almost as much grace and strength as her summoning she parted her mint silk top and revealed a generous portion of her breasts to him. Leira’s hands playfully crossed over her chest and came to fall on his shoulders.
She smiled and ground her pelvis against his all the while impressed that he offered no reaction to her teasings.
Gently she lifted a hand to his left ear and put her face to his. “So, who are you?”
The stranger passed the tip of his tongue through his lips. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Sephiroth was pissed off that you left.”
“I don’t know who you’re talking about.” Leira lowered her hands to his waist and swung her left leg up and rested her other ankle on his free shoulder. After rubbing the bristle like hair on his head, she leaned backwards and hung upside down to stare out at her audience.
Jody was becoming uncomfortable. He was suddenly beginning to feel rather warm in certain areas. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted one of the other men get up and walk towards him. Things were continuing to get interesting.
The stranger grabbed Leira’s wrists and pulled her back up against him. “I know what you’re here for-does your uncle know?”
Leira had to blush at his words but she tried not to make it too obvious. Her legs swung back so that her feet were planted on the ground and her chest was pressed against his. “Where do I know you from? Are you Shinra?”
The man gave her a slight nod. “Since we’re here for the same thing…I guess I’ll have to remind you…Reeve told me about how I can reach you…”
The Elite trainee left his lap and stood up for a few side to side hip motions before she bent her knees and lowered herself to the ground.
One sharp turn and her face was between his semi-parted knees. She pushed his legs apart and continued to lean closer on him. “What do you have to do with him?”
“Hmm-Mmm, see you do know what I’m talking about. For you to know who I am…it’s kind of a code-to get through the chemical treatments you’ve undergone.”
Clueless as to what he was relaying, Leira straddled his legs again and made wide circles with her head. While she prayed that her wig would stay pinned to her head, she couldn’t help but notice the frown lines on the face in front of her. “Go on, I’m listening.”
Suddenly, his dark eyes shot right through her being. “The last time you were ever allowed to remember my face was in Midgar.”
“Yes. You were thirteen, at the time. Do you remember a white room with an examination table? Do you remember sitting on a table calling out for me and Reeve?” He grabbed her hands while still maintaining his eye contact. “I see something is going on with your memory, now. You had tattoos on your left hand and on your back. The removal surgery was one hundred percent successful but it felt like your skin was on fire, because you were so young.”
The words that he had let slip did something to her. It was almost like a switch had been tripped. Leira got off of him and was immediately overcome by nausea. The room was spinning so fast, she couldn’t keep her balance and dropped down to her knees.
Jody saw everything but was unable to hear the conversation. He jumped to his feet but was pushed back down by strong hands.
“Relax, buddy, she’ll be fine. Tate knows her.” came a voice from behind him.
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