Amanda (fathoms_deep) wrote in fanficworks,

So, I'm throwing a fic here.

Fandom: Vampire Hunter D (movies and novels)
Time: It could be at any time, but probably after VHD: Bloodlust
Length: (Not finished) but right now it's at 14000 words, spanning 4 chapters

Summary: These are dark times for the Frontier. A series of violent thunderstorms have swept across the north eastern temperate reaches of the land, setting long acres of forests ablaze, turning the sky tar black and flooding others. In a time of desperation, a lone huntress, Miranda Delaclaire, must face an enemy, but after years of tracking him down, can she finally confront him alone? At this time, D was summoned to her side, rekindling the sordid curiosity that afflicted her so many years ago...

So D rode forth into the storm, toward the center of the whirlwind - to the eye, where an apparently peaceful Valley lay under the scorching heat of a red sun...


And I have it on Please drop a review there if you want. Can't find a lot of folks who read VHD fanworks anymore, since half of it is all DxMeier shounen-ai... This is probably my second, ever, whose main character is a female.
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