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Norelliies Landing (An Idea For Reverie)

Tseng took Leira by the hand and led her to the airstrip.
Sephiroth made sure he didn't lag too far behind the pair.  He pushed his silver bangs back and tipped his glasses as the newly crowned head of the Turks made sure that the crowds of people didn't hinder their advance.

"So,Tseng, who is this miracle worker that Reeve wanted me to meet?" Leira asked as she tried to find her exgeneral in the crowd behind her.

"I've only read about her in the Costa Shinra Times." Tseng answered.  "She's supposed to be a SOLDIER out of Kalm.  I never met her before...I was serving Vice President Rufus back in Costa del Sol when she hit it big."

Leira crinkled her nose at him as her head jolted forward.  Tseng had apparently noticed that Sephiroth was still behind them and sped up his pace.

Bodies collided against her from all sides and Tseng refused to relinquish his hold on her wrist.  Who was this almighty Turk Elite?  Why was everyone headed for the airstrip wearing dark tinted sunglasses?

"You know..." Sephiroth paused as he finally caught up with them and outsmarted all his autograph seekers.  "You might learn a thing or three from this woman." he said smugly.  His long Black coat with gold leaf trim fluttered behind him. 

*I'll work on this tomarrow. Right now I'm tired and it's late.*
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